23 Jun

Boosters and Rockets and Racecar

Racetrack Quilt Top

I started this one here after dyeing a comforter cover (think european-hotel white damask — they take dye fabulously) a particularly nice orange that derailed three other projects to bring one of Zavi’s drawings to life. I had also just come into possession of some interesting black/grey/white prints from Friday morning K’s sister and that just solidified the need to make this.

I pieced the top right away and then used the opaque projector at the Arts and Crafts shop on post to project the racetrack onto it. I traced the track with one of those blue wash-away markers and I was afraid if I left it too long it would never wash out so I jumped right into the embroidery back in September. Then I washed out the marker and set the project aside.

Since all it needed was the car hand appliquéd and then embroidered, I chose this one as a post-packing project. It went faster than I had expected. The next step is to piece the backing out of more orange — which is with one sewing machine in the crate of things to arrive earlier, and to baste the quilt with batting– which would just make it too bulky to carry with us anyway. So, I’ve mailed the finished top to Hawaii along with two hard drives that TS&WGH decided at the last minute were heavy and overkill (not to worry, he still has the third with him so he’s not without his bits and bytes). Once the “hold us over until the rest of our Stuff arrives” crate with the old sewing machine and the orange fabric arrives, then I hope to finish this for my son’s new room.

Any ideas on how I should quilt it? I’m kind of leaning towards a grid 1/4″ from the seam lines of the checkered flag. I think echoing the racetrack would be too confusing, but maybe echoing the car in the bottom section or adding some sort of action lines might work.

11 thoughts on “Boosters and Rockets and Racecar

  1. it looks *very* cool!
    I like your idea of echoing the car in the lower section and the simple straight lines in the upper section – but no matter what you will come up with, it will be stunning anyways!

    lucky zavi for having such a creative mom – my mom can’t sew (though… I wouldn’t trade her!)

  2. I think the straight lines in the top would be sufficient. In the lower part I would be tempted to quilt in a road ahead of the car and some grass or rocks or other landscape elements on each side of the road.

  3. I second Wanda’s idea – the car needs to be on a road and in a landscape. And complicated quilting in the already busy checkered black/white squares would be a waste of time, as it would hardly be visible.

  4. I finally set up one of my blogs as a quilting site, so now I can show off my past, present and future projects! Though I’m spending more time at the sewing machine than online right now, I promise to add more pictures as soon as possible.

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