16 Jun


Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day. I went to my LYS, Anette‘s, and sat in the display window for a few hours, doing my part.

I had finished up my non-packed yarn on the dish cloths and then sent off my needles, so I needed to buy new supplies. I opted for cheap bamboo needles that I can take on the plane with me. If they get confiscated I won’t shed any tears. Anette is a wool fanatic so I couldn’t possibly knit with cotton in her shop unless I smuggled it in. That’s OK, because when I explained my project parameters (must work with my cheap needles, be easy to stop and start, require a minimum of skeins, and fit within my skill-set), Friday morning friend R suggested the felted pot holders from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Anette jumped up and grabbed the book off the shelf — I was obviously in the right place!
Knit Felted Potholder

I’m pleased with the reults and I think I have enough wool for a few more on the plane. that is if my daughter doesn’t use all the yarn up making finger crocheted strings — her new obsession.

I’m pleased with the day as a whole. I chose to walk to Anette’s even though it’s probably two miles (perfect for a bike ride, but the bikes are packed). On the way, I ran into my son’s best friend’s mom. We walked part of the way together as she was off to the family garden plot. We had a comfortable chat. Once at Anette’s I met R from the Friday morning quilting/breakfast group and her two daughters. It’s always nice to spend more time with any of the Friday ladies (I had just missed U, also of the group). After they left, my neighbor E arrived with her daughter. Her daughter and my son have been in the same class since we arrived here four years ago, so we are good friends and enjoy hanging out together. She was kind enough to drive me home afterward and I had her drop me off at a friend of my daughter’s house in our same village so I could pick up Katja from the birthday party there. The party was going well, so everyone was staying longer. Instead of going home, I was invited to stay the extra hour. Mom S and I always have fascinating conversations about our various cultures and languages.

I finally came home so full of friendship and rich experiences that I was actually a bit melancholy about the prospect of leaving it all. I have met so many interesting people here from so many different backgrounds — many of which I could never have even imagined beforehand. I will miss the camaraderie that forms even between the parents when the kids stay in the same school group for multiple years. I will miss walking down the street and at least recognizing my fellow villagers if not running into friends. Saturday was not a unique day: Friday was cake and coffee with E and M and our kids who are all classmates, Sunday was an excursion with E. It happens all the time and I will miss it all the more because of that.

4 thoughts on “WWKIP Day

  1. I was reading this post and thinking – K is going to miss all of this sooo much. But as someone who has moved a few times, you will just add to your list of good freinds, and other kid’s moms and knitting and quilting shops. It won’t be the same, but your life will continue to be enriched by those you encounter through your life. The memories travel with you and sustain you.

  2. you wouldn’t have so many friends if you wouldn’t miss them… (ah, you know what I mean… if you weren’t the person you are, you wouldn’t have someone to miss…)
    and you will make even more friends in hawaii – that’s for sure! don’t be sad! 🙂

  3. I completely empathize with you having done this with my kids 3 times. I have loved and missed the people and places I have left behind, but each move has brought new and interesting places and wonderful new friends.

  4. I was popping in to read of your adventures and to see if and what you were knitting now that your days are growing short in Germany. What a lovely day you spent with friends! I agree with Gerrie: you will have these pleasant memories, but you are the kind of person who will make more friends in Hawaii immediately.


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