20 Jun

Jewelry Case

Along with our very important papers and all the clothes and toiletries we can carry, I am supposed to also “hand carry” my valuable jewelry so that teh movers can’t make off with it. Other than my wedding and engagement rings, I really don’t have much in the way of valuable jewelry, but I decided to hand carry some favorites anyway — just in case.

This is case of “good idea, bad execution.” I made it in an afternoon the day before the packers arrived. It would probably be worth doing again some day to get it just right because I do think it turned out very practical.

The main body is a “pre-quilted fabric” (actually a piece of scrap fabric I had been needle-doodling on at the beginning of the year). I added a zippered, quilted. pocket on the left side for watches and stuff, and on top of it, a strip with eyelets that I can attach earrings to, and a fat roll for rings. The right side has loops to hold necklaces and a felt flap to protect them from the contents of the other side.

Because of the bulk quilted fabric adds, I  made satin stitch seams instead of real ones, hence the rough green edges on everything, and the only zippers I had were invisible ones — which, combined with the bulk of the seam allowance makes it rather hard to zip up the case.

If I were to do this again, I’d use wider zippers to accommodate the bulky seams, and take more care in the construction of the case.  As far as functionality goes though, I am very pleased with this last minute creation.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry Case

  1. Yikes! All attempts to stop your craftiness are futile. Take away the good sewing machine, you use the backup. Take away the backup and you knit. Use up the yarn and you sew – somehow.

  2. Quilt mom agrees. I do love this. I have a plastic box that I bought at a drug store. It has compartments, but it is pretty ugly. I love the doodled fabric.

  3. Love the jewlery roll — maybe a binding edge for another variation? Or possibly cut down on the number of quilted layers? hmmmnn…the possibilities. As for the stuff question (another fan of George Carlin here) if you figure it out let me know — I’ve tried at my own home, and even my own stuff is beginning to look like sh** to me!

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