03 Jun

Our Life in 9 Crates

This is what we’ve been reduced to:

Doing homework in a box

OK, it turns out that doing one’s homework in a box in the basement is actually kind of fun.

Our life in 9 crates

The enormity of this move however, is finally dawning on me. A 2000-ish square foot house devoid of everything except a few suitcases and basic borrowed furniture is pretty cavernous! It’s going to be an interesting interval until we fly in July.

Our packing team was great. They used so much tape I think everything will make it to Hawaii even if it falls off the boat! In all seriousness though, the three guys were a well oiled machine and I feel as good as one can about our things arriving safe and sound on the other end. We rewarded them with a cold beer each at the end of the day Friday (anxious to go home they took the beers “to go”) and wouldn’t you know it, one of the guys even returned his empty bottle when they returned to finish the job on Monday. How can you not trust a guy who returns his empties?

I’ll try not to bore everyone with too many more tales of moving. I’m afraid though that the blog will be pretty dull here for a good long while. Expect nothing more than avoidance knitting and the sewing of binding on utility quilts here. Once in our new house (whatever it may be) I plan on focusing on a bit of decorating first and foremost — particularly after watching the dressers I’ve wanted to paint for two years and the mosaic table project I’ve wanted to get to for four years be loaded onto the truck as yet undone.

I can tell already that attempts at serious art will be futile. But that is life, no? There is a time for creative growth and there is a time to let the fields lay fallow.

13 thoughts on “Our Life in 9 Crates

  1. Good luck with your move, Kristin. Our movers are arriving in mere hours and I’m where you are…we don’t have a house yet in Chicago so I’m trying to pull aside what we need for an indefinite stay at a small apartment. Stressful!
    See you on the other side! 😉

  2. It sounds like a good time to be journaling ideas for later use. And a good time for field trips to see and record in photos the things you will be away from. Your new adventure awaits you……

  3. Wow, the homework problem is solved! And you will have plenty of boxes in Hawaii. Sorry about the stresses caused by this major move, though.

  4. You and me both! With summer here, a long trip looming there will be little time for a sewing machine. What’s a quilter to do!!! See you soon!!!

  5. And I’m sure all of this stress and space will be giving you inspiration for new art :0). The ideas have to come from somewhere after all!

  6. woohooo! how can you not write/blog about such a drastic transition from
    Germany to Hawaii? July will be here in the blink of an eye!

  7. Wow Kristin: it’s happening, really really happening!
    I’ll bet you will be knitting up a storm from now until you get moved in to your new digs.


  8. Get out the embroidery, knitting, journals, pens and anything else that can fit in a tote bag! We really don’t want you to be starved creatively! It will be all over before you know it and then you will be in Hawaii! Take care and be well. Cheers.

  9. oh, moving can really turn things inside out, but it will be all new when it is over and you will be filled with fresh creative thoughts…and we will be here!

  10. It makes my fingers itch to watch all your creative stuff get packed up! I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I’m all twitchy just at the thought….

  11. i can’t believe you are moving! 9 crates? is that all? i could not imagine packng up the last 12 years and moving 6000+miles…i am in awe…i am frightened by th efact that we might move 400 miles and only 2 years since the last move….i look forward to more moving adventures!

  12. Cute, that pic of your son doing his homework in a box. I’m so glad I took a picture of my son doing his 3rd grade homework in a tree in the back yard. I think I’ll have it enlarged for his hs graduation next year.
    Good luck with your move!

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