27 May

Payed Forward

Several months ago I signed on to the Pay It Forward meme. By agreeing to offer a handmade item within 365 days to the first three commenters on my PIF post, I would receive a bag from the blog on which I was one of the first three commenters.

I don’t think I ever shared the fabulously springy Lylou bag Lynn sent me:

Lylou Bag

So now finally, I have given up on a few other deadlines and decided I could finish my obligation before the sewing machine and fabrics are packed up. Here are the three Fliegenpilz pincushions that are on their way to Angela, Dorothee and Una. (Actually, Una, if you still read this blog, please leave a comment so I can get your address.)
PIF Pincushions

And because a certain Mad Pirate already has a pincushion, I’ve tried to make her a Captain Cone Sparrow in the spirit of the ever popular Kampfzwergglücksbringerin (who I hear is still wearing her grass skirt).
Cone Pirate

Thanks everyone for playing!

On other fronts, I am in full-on pre-move freak-out mode. Because we don’t actually pack things into boxes (the moving company does), it just needs to all be cleaned and organized into piles of what goes now via ship, what goes in a few weeks via airplane, what we’ll carry with us in July, what we won’t need anymore (i.e. 220 appliances), what TS&WGH will take with him to his class en route, what stays with neighbors here to be mailed directly to TS&WGH when he’s eventually deployed this Fall.

I live in fear that something important that I’ll need in the next four months will be inadvertently packed on Friday not to be seen again until September. I’m also fighting the force that is kids. The rooms that were clean and organized before we went to Egypt have now exploded into a mass of tiny parts. I know if I put it away again it will only explode again before Friday, yet I don’t want to be stressed on Thursday night re-piling everything. Complicating matters (sort of), I found lice eggs in K’s hair on Sunday — necessitating washing all the bedding, the couch cover (which was on my list anyways) and quarantining stuffed animals (luckily, three to four months in a crate on a ship will go a long way to de-louse things ;-)). Then, last night she wet our bed (which doesn’t have a waterproof cover like hers) necessitating more washing of bedding and of the bed itself.  Oh, and the living room is hopeless.

I am now knitting a lovely washcloth in denial of all the work I should be doing.

16 thoughts on “Payed Forward

  1. Oh, Kris. What a mess! 🙂 When I PCSd from San Antonio I forgot to put my briefcase with my orders and itinerary and tickets into a friend’s barracks room. The resulting chaos and (thank God my dad got himself TDYd to San Antonio for my graduation and move) talking our way into the storage facility and getting the movers to open up my HHG so we could find the briefcase was a disaster, but it was funny later. 🙂 Chin up- you’re moving to paradise. 😉

  2. Good for you on the knitting. I’d be doing the same thing were I you. Well, maybe not knitting, exactly, since I can’t, but I’d be doing some “avoidance task” anyway. Poor little K, she’s probably stressed out too.

    Ask yourself what the most expensive thing is that you’d have to replace if it didn’t go in the right shipment and you needed it anyway on the other end, and then just plan for it if it’s at all within the budget. It might help you to not worry soooo much about that part of it. Tell the kids they’re more than welcome to play with the toys with little parts if they plan to pick them all up again by Thursday bedtime; otherwise, play outside, it’s beautiful weather for it!

  3. Kristin, just read that you are moving to Hawaii, where in Hawaii ? I’m going over for a week in June to teach a workshop. They have a wonderful craft shop at Schofield. When are you leaving ? Jean

  4. Ahhh, when it rains it pours! Now you will have absolutely no guilt when you sip that Mai Tai while enjoying the view of the sunset. Okay, maybe a glass of wine, Mai Tai’s are gross! You get the picture. Hurry up and come here!

  5. and in all that pre-move-craze you managed to make LOVELY gifts… you’re awesome (and in case no-one told you, you should know by now!)
    jack is sitting here with me, having a cup of tea (ah, no… rum!) and we came across that we should go and find the black pearl to come visiting you in hawaii 😉

    4 months no sewing machine? get your knitting needles ready! ^-^

  6. Wow! what neat pincushions. I just love them. You are very talented. Good luck with moving and all the frantic things that go along with the process.

  7. Wow, 4 months to get most of your stuff, that is really a long time do do without your sewing supplies!!! I wonder which essentials you will be bringing along in your suitcase, a mini sewing machine? Your pincushions are wonderful, how I wish I were one of the first three… And the cone crow fabulously creative! Hope you manage to stay calm and peaceful in the midst of all the chaos and tasks… ~Emily

  8. I started hand embroidery when I was without my sewing machine in between moves… now it’s part of my personal style! Hang in there. Take care of yourself.

  9. You need a hug or some wine and chocolate. What I need to get done pales in comparison to your life right now. But, wait, you are moving to Hawaii where there is no stress!! As Karoda says, Hangeth in!

  10. oh geeze, I don’t envy you any of this. and after living in germany for so many years, I can only imagine how much harder it is. sigh. good luck, you’ll get through this fabulously.

  11. I will be thinking of you over the next few days and more, knitting keeps us sane and gives as pretty little things, love the fungi, take care,
    best thoughts Frances,

  12. Personally I find knitting a scarf helps with denial as well. So does cutting into fabric. But, I suppose the knitting is more portable :0).

  13. I’m all for denial, especially in knitted form. If you feel like freaking out, just remember that freaking is a rational reaction to your situation (no point in beating yourself up about it, is there?) and carry on. Like the many other times you’ve moved, it will all be sorted out eventually. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you all.

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