23 May

Now Multi-lingual

Check it out — my technical support department (namely, “Tech Support & World’s Greatest Husband”) added a translation widget thingie to my blog. It’s over there on the right, below the “search” feature that (at least) I use all the time. If you read my blog as an RSS feed and would like to try it in another language, TS&WGH suggests that you visit the blog (not it’s feed) and activate the translator. Then, I think, if you subscribe again to the feed with the new parameters you’ll get it in the language of your choice. Hopefully, this meets your translation needs. Let us know if you have any problems.

Not bad for a lunch hour experiment.

3 thoughts on “Now Multi-lingual

  1. Well, I’m not sure it’ll translate the RSS feed. But if your mother tongue is something other than English, and you have been getting the RSS feed, there might be times when it’ll be beneficial to come to the site in order to use this translation tool.

    But translating the RSS feed…… Hmm. Interesting idea. German? Romanian? What other languages?

    [UPDATE: German is done. Here’s the new RSS for Musings in German, thanks to Yahoo Pipes and Babelfish. Babelfish won’t do Romanian — Hmm. Anyone need Dutch? French? Portuguese? I can translate Romanian, but not as an RSS feed yet. Let me look some more.  And the RSS feeds are still just teasers, and don’t carry photos with them.]

  2. Could you translate Romanian??!! what a great surprise..
    I allways wonder how does Romanian sound for speakers of other languages…

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