23 May

Released into the Wild

Our fish can’t move to Hawaii with us. When I took our sucker fish pair to the pet store the owner thought it was a shame, because the fish would certainly love life there. Our goldfish, at least, got to our neighbor’s pond.

Apparently we’ve been taking good care of our 5ยข goldfish because, believe it or not, Moby Dick here used to be just a bit bigger than a thumb.

Big goldfish

Katja enjoyed releasing the fish “into the wild.” Note the drawing pad where she has documented the big event.
New fishy home

As of dinner time, the fish were cavorting nicely with their new pond-mates.

Wish them luck!

Wish them luck in their new home.

Now, a week later, they are still doing well and swimming with the other (smaller) fish in the pond. Yippee! No regrets.

5 thoughts on “Released into the Wild

  1. All the 3 wishes are already fulfilled? Please send him to Romania. My boys have also an aquarium with only one fish:)) It will be a great presence…

  2. Aww! When we moved to CA from NY, Mark had a Guinea Pig named Pokey. We could not take him and what tears there were. We moved in with good friends. I promised him a dog to replace Pokey. The cat however did make it to CA and lived to be almost 20.

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