11 May

Everyone Loves a Wedding

Rose Bower

On Saturday, my daughter’s teacher got married. Her current and previous classes were there to make a bower of roses for the bride and groom to pass through after the ceremony. The groom is a teacher too, and his students were also in attendance with a huge heart for him to carry his bride through.

The kids’ art teacher helped them make sheep with drawings and good wishes for the bride and groom, and then they sang a cute song to the pair about a flock of sheep having a wedding party.

Teacher quilt

And if that wasn’t enough, the two parent reps from our class presented our gift — a quilt! It’s the super secret school project made with the help of a few moms (sewing and ironing) and the art teacher (allowing us to sneak into class and have the kids make and sign handprints). I’m really pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait until our holiday is over and I can see my daughter’s teacher again and find out how she and her man like it. The other parents were definitely appreciative, though all other teacher gifts will probably pale in comparison now.

Teacher Quilt detail

I kept the construction simple with just one size squares to cut and simple chain piecing to put them together. The handprints were simple enough to do and arranging them like flowers on a vine lends a nice movement to the composition. All the parents chipped in for the fabric and batting (most of which was from my stash) and the mom who’s in-laws own a fabric store provided the backing and muslin for the hand prints. The machine quilting is a forgiving pattern that also reflects the vine-y motif I have going. Hopefully it’s a gift that will not only remind the teacher of her students but also be something she and her husband can use and enjoy on a regular basis.

14 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Wedding

  1. That’s a gift their teacher is bound to treasure for ever! And I really like the unusual design – I think that must be the best signature quilt I have ever seen.

  2. That is a simply fantastic gift — of the time, and of the memory of the children who helped make it! How absolutely spectacular!

  3. Kristin .. what a lovely gift … no so when are you off to Hawaii… I always wanted to go there!
    It was great to meet you those few times and are you going to be able to meet us up at V’al Dargent this year or do you leave before then?


  4. This was such a wonderfully thoughtful gift and I am sure that the couple will cherish it! What great parents you are to help with this! Your daughter has grown up so much since I last checked your blog! She is sweet as can be.

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