08 May

Things I’m going to miss

As I’m procrastinating washing and packing more bedding, curtains and garage items, I’m getting sentimental about our life here in Germany. With the exception of ten months in the US in 1999/2000, we’ve lived in Germany for the past 12 years. In the past four years we’ve been lucky enough NOT to live on the military base, and we’ve almost gone native. The first time we left (after a little more than three years) it was like the end of a particularly good vacation. This time it’s like leaving home. And we really don’t know if we’ll ever have the opportunity to come back (at least for more than just a two week vacation). I’m taking a bit of Germany with me to Hawaii though — my German-born kids, a second language, our Kuckoo clock and flea market finds, and of course connections with all the friends we’ve made over the years.

So, in addition to seasonal fests for anything and everything, the awesome tilty windows, and the Autobahn, here’s a few more things I’m going to miss:

The kids walking to school with their friends/neighbors. They’ll most likely do this in Hawaii too, but it will take time.

This is where they walk to. Quaint, no?

The gondola system to transport raw materials from the quarry to the cement factory in our town. I have the urge to whistle “hi ho, hi ho” whenever we walk near these.

Late afternoon sunlight in our bedroom.

Our not-too-big-not-too-small kitchen.

Looking left

Looking right

The ability to turn lights on and off with my elbow. Picture a laundry basket on my left hip and you’ll understand the beauty of this (see the top photo here for what it actually looks like without an elbow in front of it). I used to think they were clunky and ugly; now I don’t know how I’ll live without them.

14 thoughts on “Things I’m going to miss

  1. How wonderful to have an adventure in the mountains before returning to the mechanics of moving. It is natural to feel sentimental and a little wistful about a place you have lived such a large chunk of your life. It may be some time before your new home feels as familiar and comfortable but family, friends and art will provide great sustenance.

  2. I think it’s great that you have so many tangible memories to take home, including that bulky second language! Remembering what it was like to leave my beloved England after five years, I know what you are going through – I think. Maybe Hawaii will be different enough from Germany that you won’t get as homesick as I have.

    In any event, Germany will miss you 😉

  3. I think it will be a huge culture shock for your family–two very different cultures, not to mention the weather. But such a rich experience for your children to be such citizens of the world.

    Those tilty windows look nifty! (Clever Germans) I’m sure the little bird will miss the afternoon sun as well–nice to see him again!

  4. wow, i didn’t realize your kids were born there…a big adventure is in store fro them. kids love new things! they will love hawaii. i always loved those tilty windows.

  5. Oh Kristin. What wonderful memories. I am so glad you’ve taken photos of all those little things. You’ll treasure them.

  6. Remember, even if in your next place you don’t like the vinyl flooring, the avocado colored bathroom fixtures and you can’t stand up in all of the kitchen, there is still hope.

  7. Awww! I loved seeing those photos. You are all going to be ok because of who you are, but we know it ain’t gonna’ be easy! ‘m sending you good thoughts for a stress-free and fun-filed move.

  8. I didn’t even know there are no tilty windows in the us… see, i wouldn’t even know what i would miss.
    and I am sure that though you might miss the one or the other thing, there are LOTS of things you might have missed here, maybe without recognizing it.
    (I could always pack some lightswitches into the semmelknödel-survival-package… *g*)

  9. Oh yeah — the things to miss. But hey — you will have the chance for really fresh pineapple and papaya. Oh and the sun and sand — those are good too :0).

  10. No worries. There are big toggle light switches that you can operate with your elbow. very common, you can get them anywhere, and they fit into the slot of regular American switches.
    Personally, I miss sitting on a terrace drinking beer on a nice day. But that’s just me.

  11. Wow! What plans you have! I am excited for you and can only imagine the huge difference in the two worlds you are moving from and to! I just returned to Norway after a visit to my old home in Maine. I feel quite forlorn when I come back to Norway. I really miss family, American friends and the American ease of socialbility. I hope you will continue your crafting and blogging adventure in your new home!

  12. A thing I am going to miss is not having you in Europe anymore. It would have been the smallest chance for me to see your works in an exhibition, and maybe, just maybe, meet you sometimes in person… It was great to know you on this continenet as a wonderful American-European quilter:-)
    In Hawai’i…well, it’s simply too far away. But good luck for you and for your family there!

  13. good thing the old german chanty “es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii” isn´t true 🙂
    There´s never going to be one place that you don´t miss another – one of the ups and downs of being some sort of cosmopolitan and having lived in different places over the years… but I know you´ll be alright, all it takes is a little creativity and we all know you have tons of that!

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