26 Apr

Ein bischen verzweifelt

Here’s where things stand Chez La Flamme:

We’re moving to Hawaii! The last few days have been a flurry of activity and information gathering. Cat will be in quarantine, housing is nebulous, school ends here and starts there at about the same time, it will take 3 months for our stuff to get from here to there, etc., etc. BUT, we have very helpful friends on the other end, help from the Army that almost balances out the frustrations they create, and we know how we’d like things to look in a best case scenario. Worst case scenario — it’s still Hawaii!!!

Flegenpilz shakers and fabric

My quilt mom Gerrie sent me this box of fun stuff. You can’t see them all here, but the colors and patterns are approaching Hawaiian. The shakers are adorable! I wonder if the Fliegenpilz craze has made it to the Island yet? Thanks!
With everyone’s input, I decided to donate “Celebrate Home 2” to the SAQA auction. You can see what’s already been donated here. There’s lots more time, so I’m sure more and more lovely artworks will be added to the page. Although “Celebrate Home 2” plays better with my other house and rooted pieces in the eventuality of a show, I decided that because a show is only in my imagination now, and the auction is real — it would be better to focus on the tangible. Besides, my work has a much better track record in auctions for good causes that it does all on it’s own (my donations garnered the second highest bids in both the Kim Family auction and one of Ami Sims’ Priority Alzheimer’s reverse auctions. My SAQA donation last year also sold relatively quick — and therefore for a larger price than many works.)

Hopefully, I’ll have some projects to post soon — before it all gets packed up. I’ll try to keep blogging, but no promises.

8 thoughts on “Ein bischen verzweifelt

  1. Du weißt schon, dass alle dich glühend beneiden – oder? Hawaii – wer möchte nicht nach Hawaii – ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit in good old Germany, and a wondervul new life in Hawaii -Herzliche Grüße Beate

  2. I’m glad to see how excited you are about your move to Hawaii. A move to almost anywhere is exciting and filled with adventure, but Hawaii is culturally a very special place. I’m sure it will greatly impact your quilting style. Years later, you will be able to remember a very special time in your life by looking at the quilts you’ve made while you were here.

  3. What a wonderful perspective of life… I’m so happy for you!! Hawaii…I have to make a research about the proper mailing time for me to send you a martzisor on 1st of March 2009.
    I’ll keep watching and reading you where ever you are.

    It’s a great donation.

  4. I’m going to miss your commentary and photos of Germany, but I’m really looking forward to your descriptions of Hawaii! A friend’s son is stationed there and really likes it. I’m sure you all will take to it right away. What fun! And with the ‘Net, you’re still connected to everyone.

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