21 Apr



Well, apparently, I’m the last to know that not only are we moving (OK, I knew that early on) but we are moving TO HAWAI’I!!!!!!!!!

Can I use enough exclamation points? Just as Ft. Polk, LA is the quintessential example of where I do NOT want to live (sorry to people who like living in that part of Louisiana — it’s just not for me) , Hawai’i is the example of where everyone would love to go but knows that it would never happen. I’m in shock that it IS happening. This was soooooooo not on my radar. Really, how could anyone be so lucky as to be stationed in Germany for the better part of 12 years and then get sent to Hawai’i as well?

Thank you everyone who sent my man great pictures and videos about all things Hawaiian to get us in the mood. My son is already excited about learning to twirl fire on sticks. And, obviously, we are going to have to make sure we have some sort of guest accommodations in our new place.


41 thoughts on “Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. K – Congratulations on finally being “in the loop” on this one!! My little gnome and I can’t wait to come visit you in your new home! I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

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  3. Congratulations on being stationed in such a cool location! You’ll have lots of fun! Will we begin to see lots of volcanoes and palm trees in your quilts now? πŸ™‚

  4. This has been a perfect example of the difference between being on the A list, and the B list. Congrats! Opa

  5. yes i knew too, but alas i never did post anything for you in my current confusion, but let me say, Hawaii is the best and is sure to fill you with new inspiration! i wish you all the luck in the world but with a family like you have you don’t need much more. congratulations and all my love!

  6. Aloha! I was stationed at Schofield Barracks for a few years! O’ahu isn’t as beautiful as Maui or Kawai’i or the Big Island, but it’s still Hawai’i! lol Be prepared for EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY to visit, $6 for a gallon of milk, and LOTS of applique and hawaiian prints. Not a lot of quilt shops or craft stores there (from what I remember), but a few (Ben Franklin in Ewa was one I went to a bit). Also, remember your HHG won’t get there for a month or two. Use the post Lending Closet for furniture till then- it’s free! And please email me if you have ANY questions!

  7. If you can’t be in the state just to my north, I’ll take the one on the west. You will be a lot closer to both of your real mom’s and to me, the quilt mom. Thanks to Mr Incredible for letting us play along and be part of the big reveal. He is one cool spouser!! And, wow, you all look so happy about this.

  8. Congratulations!!! I couldn’t be happier for you. Now, I would have been happier for me if you were landing in this neck of the woods, but I wont complain about a Twelve by Twelve gathering in Hawaii!!!

  9. … and i still don’t understand how so many people can keep a secret for so long… πŸ˜‰

    you’ll have such a great time there! ^-^

  10. It’s been fun to be in on the secret but I’m glad that you now know too. Happy planning for a new stage in your family and creative life.

  11. Congratulations! I had so much fun with the surprisekristin-blog!!!
    ItΒ΄s really cool, that you will go to Hawaii! The first I thought of, when I heard it, was MAGNUM PI. Sure, that every german women in my age watched Tom Selleck once a week.
    IΒ΄m looking forward to see you friday!

  12. So it’s out with the sweaters, hats and scarves and in with the floral cottons, sandals, and swimsuits! Out with the fests and in with the luaus.

    Have fun – we’ll see you there (if not before as you travel west)

  13. Very, very cool! I’m glad you’re in on the secret and so excited. You better start breakin in the flipflops right now–you know how it takes awhile to get your toes used to them!

  14. Congratulations, Kristin! The Hormone Hostages can’t wait for our big quilt retreat in Hawaii. Guess our next project will by Hawaiian applique. See you Friday.

  15. This is so exciting. Much easier to get to Hawaii than Germany so watch out, here we come! I guess I can give up on German lessons and start Hawaiian. I can’t help wondering how the kids are going to react to the change from the German way of doing things so precisely to WHATEVER. Big culture shock. I’ll be there to help them get over it if you need me.

  16. Congratulations Kristin!! I had wanted to post you an Aloha picture but time got away from me! What a fun time you will have!!


  17. OMG I’m speechless with joy for you. They had to drug me to get me on the plane to come home from Hawaii. Roger’s still afraid to take me back. Glorious news Kristin.

  18. wooooohooooo. I am so glad you know now. lurked everyday in here to see if you had the breaking news. It was so hard to keep shtum. do open a camp tent, we are coming! I know oahu and kauai – wonderful landscape!

    don’t forget germany, though

  19. You all look so happy in the photograph, I love it! What a fabulous destination. I’m a wee bit disappointed you won’t be in the NW but maybe next time around. Enjoy the adventure, xo kathy

  20. ALOHA!!!!! What a fabulous assignment. And yeah, it so could have been worse — there’s also Ft. Hood, Tx (my Dad volunteered for Vietnam to get out of there — I’ve heard it hasn’t gotten much better…)

  21. Well can’t see the fuss myself. I mean, its just mountains and beach and sand and culture. No big deal…… oh heck, this ‘be-content- with-what – you -have – don’t- let-jealousy-eat- you-zen-thing’ just doesn’t work! lets have that twelveby12 meet to co-incide with my world trip! Greetings from a grey industrial town in England!

  22. and now you understand the comments about “OCONUS to OCONUS”

    when you said you didn’t want to know – you just issued a challenge to your family and friends.

  23. wow! my jaw is on the floor! absolutely gob-smacked…wow….are there gnomes in the lava?
    “mr incredible’s” surprise webpage was brilliant! i saw it after the fact of course – but just damn clever – i don;t know how they kept it quiet for so long!


  24. I hope you can forgive us for keeping you on the “so where are you PCSing to” subject most of the afternoon.. lol.. it was way too much fun to watch πŸ™‚

  25. Congrats to the whole family. You are going to have a great time..

    Robin and family

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