20 Apr

Celebrate Home

I made these two little pieces for the Quilting Arts 2009 Calendar contest. They did not make the cut, so I will donate one to SAQA’s now-annual auction (the link is to last year’s auction — they should have this year’s artwork up in the near future, as they get more donations).

Which one do you think I should send?

Celebrate Home 1

Celebrate Home 1  2008  12″ x 12″

by Kristin La Flamme

Celebrate Home 1, detail

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Celebrate Home 2

Celebrate Home 2  2008  12″ x 12″

by Kristin La Flamme

Celebrate Home 2, detail

21 thoughts on “Celebrate Home

  1. hard to decide.
    i like the simplicity of CH1, as the second version is too wild for my taste – from the distance.
    but the zoom pic is very lovely… the two children cuddle up in the lower right edge is a wonderful detail!

    really, they are both beautiful in their own way. I don’t envy you for that decision and I won’t vote for one of them because I couldn’t decide.

  2. I really like the balance and harmony of the first one. The second one looks like you put a lot of work into it, but the stark white sky does not work for me. It’s telling me to throw some dye on it! Now you have to decide which one to keep – the one everybody likes or the other!

  3. As Terry said, they are both terrific, but the second one grabs my attention. I think it is because my eye goes to the house and ground and I can then really focus on the handwork.

  4. Celebrate Home 1 is certainly nice. And well done. And creative. But I especially like Home 2. I find the varying soil depths so very interesting. But then, I worked in a Soil Conservation office for 33 years and understand the complexity of our soil resources. You have illustrated that very well in a very creative way.

  5. I think either would be popular with bidders, but number 2 grabs my interest and won’t let go.

  6. Seems like Í´m the only one: My favourite is No.1 ! Whow, what a quilt!
    The colours and the fact that the house with the heart is right in the middle, it seems pretty much centered on love. Although the quiltwork on No. 2 is just beautiful.

  7. Yes, mine did not make the cut either..the competition is stong, I’m sure..these are lovely, and nice of you to donate them. Mine are becoming gifts for 2 women I know fighting cancer. You do nice work..and congrats on the Hawaii posting! You’ll get a lot of applique practice in..they do incredible quilts..

  8. My favorite is nr 2. I think this is a graficly bolder design, love the light & dark contrast and the asymmetry. I love the earthyness of the colors for both the house and the ground, it really gives me associations of roots. I would love that quilt in my house…

  9. Either one would be a wonderful donation — though, I have to say that if I were to be honest (always a good thing) 2 is the more compelling piece. I’m sure I could find a reason for it if I thought it out — but, um, yeah it’s just the one that punches my gut.

  10. They are both so beautiful! I love the pretty colors and mix of traditional and more creative on number one. On number two it is all out a contemporary creative masterpeice! I find it quite stunning! Your use of color, texture and design is wonderful!

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