25 Feb

Too Many Quilts (3)

Who needs a baby quilt?

I made a simple, happy, baby quilt for a friend and since I was teaching basic patchwork at my local Parks and Rec in Hawaii at the time, thought it might make a good class quilt so I made a few samples. Star Baby Indigo is one of those samples. It’s a mix of printed, hand dyed, and batik cottons. Machine quilted, and very gently used. The backing is cream colored muslin. The quilt is 35″ x 50.”

Star Baby Indigo

I’m offering Star Baby Indigo for $100, anywhere in the US. Paypal only. Email me at umzavi(at)hotmail.com if you are interested. DONATED to Cares Northwest

One thought on “Too Many Quilts (3)

  1. Thanks for the great idea! I also have too many quilts! I have a blogging friend that I will ask if she can teach me how to hook up a sale with Paypal as I have no idea on how to do that. Maybe I can barter a quilt for her services! I have a couple that didn’t make the cut for Sherri Lynn’s book too that just need to go!

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