06 Apr


Another Roots quilt in progress

This is the view in my lap these days. Houses and roots have come off the design wall and landed in my lap where they are shouting to be quilted entirely by hand. This one just wants to be wrapped around my shoulders in a soft, comforting way. The main fabric is a cotton damask duvet cover that I bought at a flea market last summer and then dyed and painted myself. It is soooooooooo supple and soft. When I basted the quilt last week I had inadvertantly bought a thicker batting than usual and so I actually un-basted the quilt and replaced the batting because the thicker feel was conflicting with what this quilt told me it should be. I’d like to finish this by the end of the month — wish me luck!


Saturday was the bi-annual Dutch Fabric Market in Mannheim. In a region where fabrics normally cost 15€ and up per meter, the opportunity to buy anything for 4€ and up is not to be passed. I’ve been wanting to join the linen fad, but at 35€ per meter it just wasn’t going to happen. But, on Saturday, with C and her friend (and a shopping list from R who couldn’t come), we braved rainy, grey, weather and filled our bags with linen, linen, gingham, and more linen! There were probably 40 vendors in open-sided tents like these, filled with row upon row of bolts of fabric. We loved the double sided felted wool for clever vests and jackets where all the seams show so you can see both colors. Without a clear plan though, the market is overwhelming — where do you start? How much do you buy? C bought fabric for pillow covers, H bought some upholstery weight floral for handbags, R wanted linen for summer pants, and I ended up with linen to experiment with for quilting and embroidery, plus some mushroom appropriate trims. I almost bought cotton with ruffles and ribbons already sewn on and coordinating floral jersey for an outfit for Katja, but in the end, they didn’t have the color combo I really wanted and I realized I didn’t need another project, nor did K need another outfit! Oh, but the samples were so cute and tempting!
Serukids tent

11 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. oh, katja would have looked so cute in the pink dress and the matching bag!
    i got the fabric of the bag laying here, but i think it will be turned into a blouse… but… maybe i should shop some pink fabrics for a cutey dress? *gg*

  2. I love the color of your quilt. I would so love to be able to hold it on my lap with nobody jumping on me.

    And all that fabric. I can see how one would be overwhelmed. All those pinks make me think of my girls playing in the sun! Bring on Spring!

  3. Oooh — linen. Um, yeah — I would love to work with some but the price is a bit…um, yeah. (not quite as bad as the price in euros but still). LOVE the last photo — and you are stronger than I am in resisting the cuteness for clothes for K. Me? Yeah, I know I would have caved!

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