05 Feb

Fugly Friday

Fugly Wallpaper

Eighties wallpaper. When it comes to F’ing Ugly, I┬áprobably don’t need to say any more.

Nearly every room in our not-small house had eighties wallpaper in southwest and Laura Ashley motifs — sometimes even used together. Closets and doors were not immune. Team Deco/Reno did an absolutely amazing job removing the bulk of this now-dated eyesore last summer before we moved any of our furniture in. While wallpaper removal is not Instagram- or Pinterest-worthy, it has gone a HUGE way towards making our house on the whole look clean, contemporary, and much more us.

3 thoughts on “Fugly Friday

  1. Our house had wallpaper in every bedroom, in both bathrooms, in the entryway, and in the kitchen. Sometimes in many layers (some of those layers painted over). The smallest (thank goodness!) bedroom had foil wallpaper, which is nearly impossible to soak through. It came off in finger-nail-sized pieces….

    And then, of course, after you’ve removed the wallpaper, there’s all the leftover glue/paper yuck to wash off the walls (etc).

    Wallpaper! Yuck!

    “Just cosmetic” we thought, when we bought the house. But every square inch of every surface (inside AND out!) needed attention. Yikes. Good thing we were a lot younger then than we are now!

  2. ..w has wall paper…7 layers..from 1941 on..old time paste..on every surface of the plaster walls..and sigh even the ceiling in several rooms..and i must admit some of it so hideous…our bedroom is shining foil metallic gold cages containing orange and black and turquoise parrots..and yet even while we steamed and scrubbed…even when the wall paper..which would not come down for us..but fell off of the ceiling onto the middle of the table where we were hosting a party..even then it had a certain degree of fascination..different times and tastes( oh the excitement when the piece was palm size and not fingernail sized…

    i think this was never so true as when i helped the kids strip wall paper put up in the late 70’s early 80’s..fugly..yes..but oh i remember when it was new and contemporary and seemed so many leaps forward over the wall paper of the past…and how it disguised so many strange defects in the walls..

    isn’t it great making it yours though..your painting is amazing..on walls and chairs..

  3. I think your previous home owners and my previous home owners went to the same DIY convention or watched the same home-decorating shows. Egad! So glad for you that it’s GONE!

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