28 Mar

Flour Paste Resist

When I read the how-to article in the Quilting Arts Feb 08 issue about flour paste resist, I thought, “Oh that could make nice roots — and it’s only as toxic as water based paint!” (I’m not a big fan of all the set-up and protection needed with the more toxic stuff.) I gave it a try and rather liked it. Of the four or five experiments I did I’m only really happy with one, but that’s how experimentation and organic processes go. Last week, I used the one piece to make a new smallish wall quilt:

Roots made with flour resist

I like it, and even better — making it got me off my butt and working on the larger houses/roots quilt that’s been on my design wall for about six months.

8 thoughts on “Flour Paste Resist

  1. i only tried this once and although it turned into a royal mess due to my impatience of letting the very thick layer i applied not dry completely…the fabric turned out with some appeal…i used dye and trying to do 3 yards of fabric…it was a royal mess! i like what you did!

  2. It looks great — it’s fun to play with new techniques and even better when they work out. Love the challenge quilt as well — those drawings of Katja’s are perfect on it! I’ve got tons of catching up to do so not commenting much — but as always I love reading about your adventures!

  3. Love the way the roots look. I have this on my list for next week, whoops it Sunday, this week.

  4. it looks wonderful – a bit like batic, but with a plan…
    love the leaf that peeks out near the house! like a little piece of yardwork ^-^

  5. that looks great. I’m in Karoda’s boat – the one time I tried the flour paste resist the results were awful because I’m too impatient. Your roots make me want to try again, though …

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