30 Mar

My Studio

No, my “studio,” isn’t featured in the new Cloth Paper Scissors Studios edition, but since the blogs are abuzz with creative spaces, I thought I’d share mine.

Until my daughter was born, the dining room table was my studio. With her arrival came permission to move to a three bedroom apartment, and now a three bedroom row house. Of course, I didn’t see a room for my daughter (she can share with her brother until they hit puberty) — I saw a “studio” (and guest bedroom) that I could shut the door on when it got to messy or I didn’t want to clear before dinner!

Here’s where I spend most of my time:

Sewing and cutting tables

Above the sewing and cutting tables are my pin board and mushroom collection. There’s a smattering of my kids’ artwork and a new silk screen by Ana Ventura. Lots of inspiration in the bookcase as well.

Fliegenpilz Collection

There is one concession to our guests — a bed. It is, however, on loan from the Army and not so comfortable, so I’m contemplating using our sofa bed in our next place (assuming our next place has a room for me) and buying a new couch for the living area. I’ve just about finished sewing binding on all the quilts laying on the bed too. (Yea me!) The forest fabric on the wall is one I bought from Dijanne Cevaal. I’m hoping to do it justice with some mushrooms and fantasy foresty embroidery.

This room is about 187 square feet with one rather large window. I think that’s a pretty average bedroom size, by European and American standards.  It has no built in closets, but an eight foot wide row of wardrobes almost two feet deep. The one on the right is filled with my fabric stash, and the one on the left is assorted art supplies. Up top is batting, stabilizers, and assorted “other” fabrics. I suspect the movers will hate me when they get to this room. Above the bed are a small quilt by Linda Colsh (fans of Quilting Arts’ calenders may recognize this from November 2004), and a small “Bundle” by Sonji Hunt.

The Stash!

Back where we started, across from the door (so I can stand waaaaay back in the hallway) is my design wall — also known as a piece of cotton batting stuck to the wall with pushpins. I’ve had a great week artwork-wise and not only have I bound four of the quilts on the bed, but I’ve finally made some progress on these houses which have been hanging on teh design wall for at least six months, taunting me. I’m not sure why I was making it harder than it had to be, but I was. The flour paste resist piece finally convinced me to just get to it. Oh, and the bookcase is pulled away from the wall so I can keep all my fancy papers behind it. I just can’t seem to let go of the paper lover in me that collected and used all those treasures when I worked as a graphic designer.
The Design Wall

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  🙂

17 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I am always impressed at the sense of order and accessibility in your studio (at least when I am visiting).

  2. I suspect the movers will hate me when they get to this room.

    I can confirm this, from very recent experience, like three days ago!. The movers spent a really long time in my studio area on Thursday. It was very cute, because I was in here while this young fellow was packing (I mean really young, like 19), and every time he’d close a box, he’d hold it so that I could label it with it’s contents. Not only don’t they know what any of this stuff is, they can’t understand why we need it.

    I had to leave the room for a bit, and the boxes that he packed while I was gone all say “stoffe” because he didn’t know what else to put on them, but I know it’s not fabric because that’s all in tubs in the other room!

    The only room in the house that took them longer to pack was my 15-year-old daughter’s room, which will tell you how BAD her room was!

    Your studio looks very usable, friendly and inspiring!

  3. i definitely enjoyed the tour! 🙂
    it’s very much “you” and it looks very inviting. a room where you surely like to be.

    but i am deeply ashamed to see that your workroom is so tidy! you can see the floor (or carpet)!!! i have to think about a serious cleaning and organizing action in my room… *sigh*

  4. I have observed two schools of thought in studios–clean, uncluttered, can I say sterile?–so as to allow no distractions from the art that is happening. I am happy to see you subscribe to the second, which is warm, inviting, lots to look at and be inspired by. That’s my style, too, only I’m messier, but maybe you cleaned up for photos!

  5. I love seeing other people’s workspaces! I’m especially interested now because I”m trying to reorganize mine so that it’s more work-friendly and I don’t keep taking over other areas of the house!

  6. Can I move in? Thanks for the tour. You have really created a warm, inviting place to create. I hope you are in there today enjoying your room. Cheers.

  7. i LOVED the tour!! thanks so much for sharing. what’s better than taking a sneak peek into an artists work space.

    (I love seeing my pincushion there too :))

  8. It looks great. I have never seen it without several things in progress.

    Want to come to my house and organize my studio ? (grin)

  9. wow.. I´ve always liked your room BUT I´ve never seen it this clean.. he he.. 😉
    I don´t remember being there when there wasn´t some sort of creative clutter at least somewhere, an unfinished project, or a not-started-but-plan-already-in-place project. It´s always been structured though and I know that´s something I could never accomplish and admire 🙂

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