30 Jan

A Facelift

Time for a Before & After.

Staging was not really a priority for the previous owners of our house. Luckily, we could see through such surface annoyances (with each mortgage check I write I tell myself how much higher it would have been if the house and been staged and therefore attractive to buyers). The biggest offender was the wallpaper everywhere! But there are many other things that were just dated or not our style.

Here’s the kitchen before:Kit Before


And now:

Kit after 2


The core members of Team Deco/Reno (my mom and step-dad) removed all the wallpaper and I joined them to finish painting the entire space white. We hired an electrician to replace the kitchen lights with recessed can LED lights and to install a cute retro looking pendant from my dad. We replaced cheap mini blinds with new roller shades and I painted the sideboard cabinet solid white.

Looking the other direction:

DR Before


Which now looks like this:

Kit after 1


And here’s the “dining room” at the other end of the space:

DR Before 2


And here’s the dining room now:

DR 1


We’re guilty of bringing some ugly with us too. Our dining room chairs, while stylish enough just a few years ago, and still quite sturdy, decided to shed their leather upholstery. With a kitchen/dining room renovation on the horizon, I can’t bring myself to replace these otherwise perfectly good chairs, so I made slipcovers.

DR Chair slipcover

Not wanting to spend much money, I couldn’t find any oil cloth or upholstery fabric that I liked. However, white denim remnants were a great deal at the Mill Ends store. Of course white would stain quickly in a dining room so I needed to do something to the denim. I considered dyeing each slipcover a different color, but then, inspired by the designs of Timorous Beasties, figured I’d try painting them in colors based on my collection of Bauer pottery.

Eventually we’ll do a big kitchen remodel, but in the meantime the space is clean and now light and pleasant to live in for the near future.


6 thoughts on “A Facelift

  1. It’s always so surprising to me how the realtors pictures are so long and stretched out. Your photos make the rooms look normal. Wat a huge improvement you have made, everything looks so clean and bright and liveable.

  2. The island in the middle really opens up the space. An island doesn’t have to be huge to be very useful.

  3. It looks fantastic! I love the slip covers you made for the chairs. The whole place looks so much more airy and inviting. Well done!

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