23 Mar

Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs

I almost wasn’t going to post anything Eastery. The kids and I made bunny and sheep sugar cookies a few days ago, and the kids colored eggs last night, but that’s about all we did. Nothing fancy or terribly creative.

We had a small celebration at home with hot cross buns and bacon for breakfast and then the girls (Katja and I) hid the eggs for the boys (TS&WGH and Zavi) to find. That was lots of fun and may have to become our tradition.
Ei got more Eier than you!

Then I remembered that even though we didn’t do anything “German” this year, I do have some neat photos from (wow!) TEN years ago! Way back then, we lived in the Franconian region of Bavaria (I used the wine link because it had prettier pictures than the plain Franconian one) and not so far away in the “Franconian Switzerland” many towns decorate their central fountains, and more, with painted eggs and greenery. So, seeing as this may be the last Easter season we are here, here’s some Osterbrunnen pics from my pre-digital photo album!

The German Wikipedia link has lots of info (if you can read German) and a more recent picture of the pond/fountain in my photo above, which by the way, is the largest Franconian fountain and can be found in the town of Bieberbach bei Egloffstein and made it’s way into the Guinness Book of Records in 2001 with it’s decoration of 11,108 hand painted egg shells! In 2005, Bieberbach was surpassed by the Oberpfälzisch town, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which used 16,500 eggs.

Speaking of Wikipedia, I learned, via Elin’s blog, of the possible link between rabbits and eggs at Easter. What did we ever do before Wikipedia?

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