20 Mar

Log Cabin With a Twist

March is always Quilted Chaos challenge month. This year our challenge was to make a Log Cabin quilt “with a twist.” I have a folder full of drawings my kids have made and I saw this quilt on Flickr and decided that they would be great together. I also figured if I got most of it done during our weekend in Schollbrunn, I could add it to my to-do list.

Work in Progress

Quilting was kept pretty simple so as not to distract from the colors and the embroidery.


This is one of Katja’s drawings she did of daddy when he returned from his four months in Romania last summer:

Daddy drawing

This is my favorite one (a princess):


And the finished quilt!!
Katja Hearts Daddy and Princesses

I call it “Katja Hearts Daddy and Princesses.

Presentation tonight was full of fun as usual. We had lots of participants and lots of variety, which is always great given that half of the group members are relative beginners. I had a few favorites, like Valerija‘s fish-eye quilt (she of the fabulous handbags). She said she wanted to use her black and white print fabrics, but they were too distracting from the optical illusion of the quilt design. So, after she made her quilt with solids and still had prints in her stash, she made a handbag with the prints — of course!

Black and white quilt and coordinating handbag

Kathy pulled out her quilt for the third challenge in a row. She started it with silks for last year’s “Splendors of the Orient” challenge, set them with the requisite blue fabric for the German guild’s “Traditonal” challenge (a crazy quilt is traditional), and tried to convince us tonight that her crazy quilted patches were based on log cabin piecing. OK, but really, I just love her embellishments:

Beaded water

Embroidered and appliqued flowers

I loved Johnnie’s quilt too, but it wasn’t finished yet. She made simple off-center log cabin blocks with a bajillion floral fabrics she’s had in her stash and had no idea what to do with. She added a flowery border, layered it all with several flannels and then quilted and sliced the whole thing chenille-style. What was a fine quilt suitable for everyday use really sings now with the depth that the chenille adds. I couldn’t picture it when she explained her plan a few days ago, but she was right on!

17 thoughts on “Log Cabin With a Twist

  1. What a fabulous group of quilts. I love the embroider on yours, it literally looks as though your daughter has drawn over it with a big red crayon. You’ve captured the energy of Katja’s drawing beautifully.

  2. Your log cabin quilt is amazing! A real inspiration. I love the complex-ish log cabin with the embroidery (rather than just plain squares of embroidered pieces worked into the quilt). Very original.

  3. These are beginners? What you have shown are beautiful quilts! Yours is such a cheerful backdrop to Katja’s whimsical drawings.

  4. What fun! I love how you added the embroidery, it makes the quilt just zing with fun. You have a lot of talented friends in your midst. Valerija’s – well, what can one say but WOW! Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.

  5. Oh, Kristin, you’ve outdone yourself. This quilt is soooo amazing. I love the colors and how you’ve used them and you’ve done an incredible job adding the drawings. Very lively and beautiful. And V’s fish-eye quilt? Wheeee!

  6. Wowie, that fish eye quilt, it would put me into a tizz! What a nice pool of talent you have there. I sorta avoid our local guild, as they are a bit too traditional for my taste. Neat-o.

  7. your quilt is SO cute and lovely! the blocks and the drawings make a perfect match!
    and the fisheye really is amazing – but i guess it included a lot of template cutting instead of rotary cutting? they are all very impressive!

  8. I love all of the white in your quilt. I typically think of log cabins as rich with color, but yours is so fresh and summery. I may have to try that!

  9. love love love your log cabin and especially with the beautiful accent of Katja’s drawings! what a brilliant idea, I have been wondering of how to immortalize my girls drawings for a while and you may have just given me a solution… now to find the time…

  10. Where have I been. So many posts and no comments from me. I just love those drawings dome by Katja on that quilt. Just too precious.

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