31 Mar

Community Two

Community Quilt

After finishing my 12 x 12 quilt I wasn’t sure I was in love with it. So, a few days later, I had an idea and made another one. (This is actually the third, as I did one with some scraps just to see if I liked the idea of slicing though the middle of a nearly finished quilt.)

Community detail

The rows of houses are bound together (with the ribbon), except the one on the lower left which isn’t quite part of the community. The houses are painted on dyed shopping bags, which are my shorthand for people, but unfortunately, you wouldn’t recognize the bags unless I said something. Check out the 12 x 12 blog for my other quilt, which I think is the stronger one after all, and to see everyone else’s quilts too!

11 thoughts on “Community Two

  1. this one is lovely, but i have to admit that i like the one on the 12×12 site better – maybe because of the explanation that comes with it. being part of a community, but never have a 100% access to everything or not always having the opportunity to get full insight is what everyone can understand and what happens to us all in one form or the other, so i can “feel” with the other one… though this one looks a bit “happier”.
    maybe they are really representing two sides of a coin?!

  2. I like this one a lot, too, Kristin. I especially love your drawn house shapes, so the fact that those are so prominent in this quilt draws my attention. I love the ribbon connections.

  3. i like the 12 x 12 the best but i like this too. funny about the slicing, i was toying with slicing and shifting my march tif, but i got scared and distracted. you are making me think about going back to quilt weaving for a while. it really is wide open…..yes.
    beautiful work!

  4. I like both pieces — though I’m a bit more drawn to the houses for some reason. Then again, I’m completely in love with your houses so that may have something to do with it :0). Great work on both pieces.

  5. I really like this one because it screams “Made by Kristin”. However, I think for the theme the other one is wonderful and extremely powerful in its meaning.

  6. I like it too. It’s true that it’s more like the usual Kristin.
    But I prefer the one you’ ve chosen to put on the 12×12 blog. It speaks more to me.
    Both are very lovely anyway.

  7. I like how you’ve all posted your project and presented it on the 12 x 12 blog. It’s very similar to what I do with my group in real life. I feel like you’re all sitting around in a circle, each taking a turn to describe the piece and I get to listen in. I like both your pieces!

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