13 Sep

Our House is 50s but the Decor is Totally 80s

When we bought our house we knew that the downstairs bathroom needed to be remodeled sooner rather than later. It’s ugly and the shower is minuscule and the handle doesn’t work well.

But the upstairs bathroom was livable. Sure, it was steeped in 1980s dusty rose and calico print wallpaper, but the shower works and it’s clean. It could wait.

UB before 3

Note the wallpaper in the hallway, and the white trim over the crappy seams on the bathroom wallpaper.


UB before 2

Look at all that dusty rose. I had even remembered the sink and toilet being pink. There’s three mirrors to check my Flock of Seagulls hair, and frilly curtains as inspiration for my Gunne Sax dress.


UB Before 1


I did appreciate that the previous owners had paintings and not prints in most of the house. Even the bathroom. I kind of liked the expressionism of this one in contrast to the rest of the twee decor.



UB before cabinet

But I did not like the grey carpet as shelf liner. It taunted me with all the gross things it could have been absorbing the last 29 years.

I’d resigned myself to using this bathroom as-is for the near future.

But then, in a fit of confidence, Team Deco-Reno decided that it was a relatively small space and if it were just stripped of the wallpaper and painted, it would be heaps better. It would feel like a remodel, but be faster and only cost as much as paint.


UB stripped

And they were right! The only problem was that this room ended up having the WORST wallpapering in the whole house. It about killed my mom and step-dad who where doing all the stripping work before we moved in. It was tedious enough and took took long enough that they didn’t have the chance to paint over the pink cabinets. Note to potential wall paperers: take the time to at least prime your walls before adding paper. Don’t paper over bare drywall. Use wallpaper paste as well, not other glues. But, after all Team Deco-Reno’s hard work, the upstairs bathroom does look a lot better, and as long as they had gone that far, I got to thinking about how to decorate it in our taste (and go ahead and paint out the dusty rose.




Upper Bath inspiration

I actually liked the previous owners’ use of a carpet instead of bathmat and we happened to have a lovely persian one of our own that we hadn’t had a place for in our last two rentals. The carpet and some collectibles inspired a cheery palette.


Pick a door

Ready tosee what my mom and I accomplished this weekend? There’s a funny little hall that the bathroom is off of with four doors and I am tickled by the idea of each one of those doors being a different color. The orange affects the white walls, as does the blue of my daughter’s door, so the space has become an unintentional light sculpture.


UB after 3

I love the orange door. And the persian rug looks pretty classy if you ask me. Lucky me, our existing towels fit right in with the new color scheme.


UB after 2

The three mirrors and ugly light remain for now, but the dusty pink and frilly things are gone! There are color stories starting to happen around the house — inspired by my collections.



UB drawers

I’m pretty sure I bought these Polish pottery door knobs when I was pregnant with my daughter 14 years ago. I know I used them on the kitchen cabinets in the apartment we had when she was a baby. Maybe I had even purchased them earlier. I thought they’d play nicely with the colors in the rug and it’s so nice to finally use them in a relatively permanent way. They say if you choose things you like they will naturally go together, so here’s color inspired by 40s pottery, knobs to match our dishes, a rug from our travels in Europe (and the knobs too), and art by friends and our travels.



UB after 1


I hope my quilt mom Gerrie is OK with me hanging her Aspens in the bathroom — the colors are absolutely perfect and I think it looks fabulous on the orange wall. Also, when one has a little nook it kind of begs for something unexpected like a bold color, yes?


UB after cabinet

And finally, the grey carpet shelf liner is history. Everything has fresh, new, vinyl shelf liner. Bright and wipeable. Ahhh. I am so pleased with this bathroom transformation and excited to not have to live with someone else’s 80s dream.


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