19 Feb

Schollbrunn ’08

Last weekend’s repeat performance retreat in Schollbrunn was a very productive one despite having the kids along. Mostly, they dragged out their homework, and watched TV. R brought her two girls too, so there was some Monopoly Jr., karaoke, and swimming as well.
Behind the hotel was a very small “Wildpark” with deer and a wild boar and a playground that didn’t rate too high with the kids (have I mentioned that they are allergic to the outdoors?). There must be hunting in the woods too as last time there was a man with his hunting dog sharing our hotel.

I have no idea what these symbols mean

The kids thought this foal was pretty cute though.

Indoors, in addition to individual projects, the others basted 9 quilts (yea big tables and large rooms!), and we finished the Depression block top for our hostess:

G's quilt

I worked on this all weekend:

Quilted Chaoes Challenge

I’ll give up more details in March when it’s done.

9 thoughts on “Schollbrunn ’08

  1. if “depression” always was as colorful and beautiful as this, then I would know a bunch of people who would love to have one! 😉

    can’t wait to see more of the log cabin… looks very promising, especially because it is so colorful/colorless… must be looking great with those accents!

  2. The “depression” block quilt is beautiful. Just the thing to curl up under on a cold, dreary day. The log cabin – well – just Wow! I look forward to hearing the story about it. Take care.

  3. I can’t wait to hear about the log cabin ( and have an antique one I’m going to be sharing tomorrow) — and I love the stories about the Polish pottery. I love those intense blues and white together. I’ve got some pictures of Mexican tiles that would look right at home playing with those Polish dishes :0).

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