15 Feb

Big Fish in a Little Pond vs. Little Fish in the Big Sea

Thanks for all the Blue quilt love! Winning was kind of a big fish in a little pond thing, but the challenge is all in fun, and I participated with the same spirit. To give the full spectrum though, I also received two rejection letters from “real” art quilt shows this week. I don’t say this for sympathy; I say it because it’s fact. Most everyone is (rightly) excited to share good news, but reluctant to share the bad, so it often seems that “everyone” is getting into all the shows they ever enter and gallery owners and book publishers are beating down their doors. I suspect that this is not true. I suspect for every win or accepted proposal, there are many rejections. Today, I felt like sharing the bad with the good — keeping it real (and by the way, there are currently no gallery owners or book publishers beating down my door — not that I’d have anything to give them anyways).

I am off this weekend with my fellow American winners and our equally talented German friends for yet another weekend sew-a-thon in Schollbrunn. I’m bringing the kids this time, so I doubt I’ll be as productive, but there’ll be six meals this plus cake and coffee that I don’t have to cook and that in itself makes the trip worthwhile! When I get back I’ll see what kind of prairie point tutorial/link mania I can come up with.

5 thoughts on “Big Fish in a Little Pond vs. Little Fish in the Big Sea

  1. well, thanks for the real story. i am sorry to say that i cannot even get myself as far as trying, which i think is worse news, so hooray for you, for being talented, for trying and for being you.

  2. you are absolutely correct, it’s always the good stuff shared not the bad.. well in the spirit of keeping things real I will freely admit that to match my two acceptances this year, there are two rejections… and probably more coming especially if last year is any indication, 14 rejections to 8 acceptances. Now the worst part is when I start adding up the money spent… nah, not gonna do that right now.. depressing enough.

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