13 Feb

The Americans Take the Top Three

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I made Beat The Blues for our local (German) quilt guild’s annual challenge. The theme this year was “traditional,” and the quilt had to incorporate a certain navy blue fabric. I had been admiring Bonnie‘s String Lone Star (scroll down to the big star with the atomic orange background) and as soon as I saw the challenge fabric it said, “I’d be the perfect neutral for a stringy, strippy star.”  Really, it said that to me. If not for the challenge, I would also still be sitting here thinking about how nice it would be to have an actual quilt on my bed. It all came together rather nicely in concept.

Of course, it didn’t come together so nicely in reality. There was the horrific discovery that the diamond template I had used was wrong and nothing fit together the way it was supposed to (if you want to make your own, I’d follow Bonnie’s lead, not mine!). Then there was the small problem of not having quite enough of the blue challenge fabric for the background and there being no more at the store. My quilting wasn’t quite what I had hoped either. However, it all came together in the end and the sum is definitely greater than the parts. After some initial trepidation, I think it looks great on the bed.

Beat the Blues (with a Beige Wedge)

The grand unveiling at the guild meeting was tonight. Three other friends from the every-other-Friday-hand-sewing group I belong to had also made fabulous challenge quilts, as had nine other guild members. It was really hard to decide which quilt to vote on. I’m kind of glad i had my own there to vote for because there were about four of equal merit. K’s Japanese themed crazy quilt panels were fabulously embellished. J’s miniature medallion quilt was to die for, with the tiniest flowers and Lone Star halves. R’s scrappy, shirting fabric squares and triangles suited the fabric the best. There was also a second beautifully made medallion, two more scrappy quilts (the three would have looked great together in a retro look kids’ room with almost matching twin beds), and several log cabin variations that summed up traditional.

When it came down to it, the three Americans in the room took the highest prizes: K won third place, me second, and J first!! We are going to go fabric shopping with our gift certificates next week. Woo hoo! One of the nicest things about the guild is that they recognize all the work that everyone puts in to their challenge pieces, and so everyone who brought a quilt got to take home a bouquet of ivy strung with ribbons and cute little fabric chicks. Just in time to decorate for Spring!

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  1. i agree with katrin – prairie point post please! 🙂 the quilt is stunning – i really am a fan of the trapunto work in the corners.

    i also really love the marquise/chocolate quilt – her “hair” is so cool – it so has the feel of the story

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