07 Feb


Beat the Blues looks like a finished quilt, doesn’t it?

Star Quilt nearly done

The quilting is finished. It’s nothing terribly complicated, and I can’t say it’s done at a professional level, but it’s just fine for our bed.

Final trapunto (Plan D)

All it needs now is binding. I’ve decided that I would like the quilt to have scrappy prairie points on three sides (friend J warns that prairie points up your nose are not conducive to sleeping). Cutting about a bajillion 4″ squares will, of course, drag this project out a leetle bit longer, but should be worth it. Simplicity is apparently NOT my middle name.

23 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. AH, this is simply stunning! I like the idea of prairie points … they’re so graphic and such a fun way to finish off your quilt.

  2. Oh my, this quilt is beautiful! I think prairie points will be a perfect finishing touch. Will that make it a hassle to launder – meaning will it require ironing the PPs back into shape?

  3. Gorgeous! I had never thought about the PPs and proximity to the nose before, but it makes sense. The quilting in wonderful. I really like the use of different thread textures. You done good!

  4. It’s fabulous, Kristin. That center star is so graphic and appealing. that booboo really made you be extra creative – I bet it’s even better than what you had initially planned (no offense). the quilting looks great. Never thought about the prairie point nose thing – sounds like an excellent tip.

  5. It’s really lovely Kristin and the quilting looks beautiful. I hope you’re feeling better. Everyone is down with some sort of little bug…bleah.

  6. It’s lovely! And yep, prairie points up your nose would be, well, awful. But it’s a great idea for the other three sides! Have fun with the cutting and pressing :0).

  7. I really love it!! The centre works brilliantly and the quilting is lovely. It really makes me want to make another bed quilt (or at least bind the ‘nearly finished one in my cupboard!!).

  8. When you’ve put this much work into it already, why not have it just the way you want it? I think it’s smashing; can’t wait to see it when it’s all done!

  9. Wow. Beautiful. It is a great combination of traditional-ish with a lot of exuberant Kristen energy to it. I like the idea of the prairie points too. Do you know about the “easy” prairie point technique? You can only use two fabrics for this technique, so it may not be scrappy enough, but it sure goes faster. Explanation here:

  10. There is a way of doing prairie points using lengths of fabric rather than squares — but then you would be working with one or two colours. It would be a long explaination here, but you may find a tutorial somewhere on the internet — if not, email me and I will try to explain or perhaps create a tutorial — I think I saw it demo’d on maybe an Eleanor Burns show or perhaps on Kaye’s Quilting, quite a few years ago…

  11. Love, love, love it! Quite traditional … and I love the central star. As for prairie points, I have a box full sitting around my house waiting to be attached to a certain dragon quilt … now that I delivered all grand-ma pressies due this month (my mum turned 70, my MIL 75), I can devote some more time to the dragon. Kinda liked putting that off though … maybe another chevron scarf first 😉

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