26 Dec

Color & Composition Revisited

Who’d a thunk it, but between a pre-Christmas movie and post Christmas bowling, I’ve had a bit of time for small projects. With the contour cut orchid as a warm-up, I decided to take Gerrie‘s advice and try again with veggies. I switched to smaller scissors and that made a difference, but I still prefer to draw with a pencil. I found myself wanting to look at the still life, and not at what I was cutting, and, really, that doesn’t work so well with scissors. I had the same problem with the quilting. It was closer to working with a pencil, but still hard to be as accurate as with a pencil even semi-blind, and a little scarier as I did want to make sure I didn’t sew over my fingers!

Still Life

Contour Quilting
Ouch, someone stepped on my artichoke and squashed it!

I am not sure I learned anything new revisiting this exercise with veggies, but the practice in itself was good. I actually started it while the family was at the movies and wasn’t thrilled with my artichoke shadow fabric choice. I found another and then the teeming hordes (or so it seemed) returned. I put the whole thing away ’till after bed-time and started over. Again, the practice in itself was good. I’m much happier with the fabrics now, and the shapes too. I still cut a lot of little pieces and wanted to cut more, but forced myself to simplify as part of understanding this technique.

Contour Cutting 2 with quilting

Contour Cutting 2 Abstract with quilting

As these are exercises, I didn’t really sweat over the finished product. I wanted to practice looking carefully at what I was drawing and translating that skill to the cutting and quilting. I went back to the orchid compositions and quilted those as well, just for practice and experimentation.

Contour Cutting 1 with quilting

Contour Cutting 1 Abstract with quilting

Obviously, some things I tried were more sucessful than others. I like the back and forth rectangle-y pattern and after doing three with that, I got brave and decided to try Mrs. Mel’s leafy version to emphasize the curve in the abstract composition with orchid pieces. My quilting is nowhere near Melody‘s grace and fluidity, but this is a great shape to practice beautiful curves on, and it seems a little more forgiving than traditional feathers. I’ll definitely be trying more of these.

5 thoughts on “Color & Composition Revisited

  1. Well, as far as I am concerned that veggie still life is awesome. I didn’t see in the directions that we were to stitch them. So I didn’t. I got mine done tonight and will post tomorrow.

  2. I’m in love with all the different still lifes. You tried so many different techniques. I bet you really found your groove in some of them and I’m sure we’ll see more of this influence in the future. great stuff. And the table runners are fantastic. Let me just say, that if I had such an amazing table runner… it would surely be hung on the wall! Or at least under a stunning spotlight on the dining room table.

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