29 May

Figure Friday

I was starting to feel a little twitchy because I hadn’t been to a life drawing session in a few weeks. It really is restorative “me” time. I never realize just how much so until I don’t go for a while.

Figure drawing 5.28a



Since it had been a while, I got out the larger paper and tools today. Big, loose, gestural stuff to get back in the groove. I can’t say the drawings are fantastic, but they felt good and that’s all that matters.

Figure drawing 5.28b


I had been thinking about erasing old drawings that aren’t that good and re-using the paper. I figured that could work for the oil pastels too — why not? For the long pose I drew over two previous pastels and then filled it in with more oil pastel. It was hard to stay on track with what was old and what was new, but I’m kind of digging it. I’ll be trying this again.Figure drawing 5.28