05 Feb

Our Not Fat Tuesday

Today is the annual Faschings Dienstag Parade in our neighboring town. As one radio host said this morning, it’s the day people are knee-deep in confetti and alcohol. I was hoping to share fun stuff like pink cowboys, dancing ice cream, witches, and pesky bakers, but I have been sick since Thursday and haven’t made it much further than the 10 steps from the couch to the computer and back to the couch. Zavi was sick the week before and had a barfing bout Sunday night. Today Katja is sniffly and it’s hard to tell which way she’ll go. I decided all that wasn’t worth a few hours in the wet cold. Faschings Dienstag — I already miss you.

13 thoughts on “Our Not Fat Tuesday

  1. Seeing all the costumes and such is just great fun. I looked at all the links you posted (to past parades, and the video with the music). Which brings me to the club….or group…. that we saw while visiting the Heidelberg Castle. Now that was just too cool. All were dressed as devils in red and black….and the music was over the top. Lots of drums, and kind of gothic too. And in that setting……couldn’t have been more impressive. Got a link to any of that stuff? Opa

  2. You know you’ve been in Germany too long when your parents start making in jokes about the local culture too! All Germans know that the best way to ward off a sore throat is to wear a scarf.

    The band Opa is referring to was the Rondo Diavoli from the town of Mauer. They were getting their picture taken up at the castle and played a little bit while there. They were quite impressive and “kind of gothic” is kind of an understatement! Unfortunately, they have no video clips on their website: http://www.rondo-diavoli-gugga.de/, but Gallery 2 shows the costumes they had on when we saw them.

  3. the whole family being sick is bad – hope you all get well soon!
    too bad you missed the umzug… but isn’t it good to know that there will be one next year, too?! ^-^

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