16 Jan

Chevron Love

First off, thanks to all the bloggers who have said I Make Their Day (it started with Gerrie, and then Natalya and Karoda chimed in too). I appreciate it, and please know that you make my day too, as does everyone who reads my blog and takes time to comment. Our online “conversations” never fail to inspire and entertain me! What a wonderful way to start off a new year.

Speaking of entertainment, I can’t believe how much the Chevron Scarf from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” has been entertaining me. It started with this one last winter:

Chevron Scarf the first

It was a simple knit, easy to memorize, with just enough thinking to keep me interested, but nothing too taxing for a take-along project at the kids’ activities. So, I decided to knit it again with different colors, in a yarn more like the recommended Koigu Painter’s Palette.

Chevron Scarf the second

I LOVE this scarf! The colors go with everything, and it’s very soft and drapey. Guess what? My mom loved this one too. What the heck, I had the green/blue/pink left over and a whole other skein of variegated pink, so this became her Christmas present and I picked up the needles again to make a third. I had to change it up a little bit to stay sane, and I remembered Alex’s variation over at Moonstitches, so I changed one row from a knit to a purl and came up with a version with ridges:

Chevron Scarf the third

I finished the third scarf while in the US (oddly enough, my wooden knitting needles were not considered a threat by TSA, but the Christmas Plum Jam with Vodka that we gave Opa was. Maybe the guys at the x-ray machine were just hungry.). Anyways, I had used up the blue/green/brown yarn for the second scarf, and the blue/green/pink for the third, but I still had enough variegated pink for another go. I picked up a lovely taupe yarn at Soft Horizons in Eugene (shout-out because it’s a gorgeous store with really helpful employees) and dove into, yes, a fourth Chevron Scarf.

Chevron Scarf the fourth -- WIP

Still inspired by Alex’s variation, this time I chose to replace the “knit front and backs” with “yarn overs” for a lacier effect. This scarf is based on multiples of six instead of eight as that’s what the “Old Shale” instructions said, but really, it could be either.

I’m pretty sure this is the last one. but no promises.

15 thoughts on “Chevron Love

  1. can you see me swooning over here? good gravy woman, but those are fan freakin’ tastic. i feel ya on the fun knits. I just knit the tudora from knitty? a second time. once for my mother, and once for a gift. i do believe that i’ll have to knit one for myself next. just can’t resist. it is SUCH a fun knit. i don’t think i’m going to vary it at all, though, the patern is genius. i can’t decide which variation you’ve done is my favorite. it is certainly going to go into my future knits file.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pattern! As you know, I went out and bought yarn and needles while in Spokane. I’m about a third of the way through the scarf and have gotten many compliments on it — I brought it to First Aid and CPR training last week.

    You just mentioned that you replaced the “knit 2 together” with “yarn over.” Is that a typo? When you told me about the pattern, I thought you said to replace each increase (knit front and back of a stitch) with a yarn over…

    Thanks again for sharing. I love the scarves and the yarns you’ve used!

  3. Oooh — love, love love your chevrons. :0) And thanks for sharing your chevron love — I really can’t wait to start my second one. I think that yarn over variation needs to be played with as well (there may be a third scarf coming because of that!)

  4. omg! they are all beautiful! and your second one is just adorable… really looks like koigu… may I be curious and ask which yarn you used? it doesn’t seem like anything you get around here, so I guess it’s an US brand? it’s not koigu, is it? (yes, I’m awfully curious, I know!)
    I really need to get the right yarn to start a chevron, too. I just can’t decide which way to go… *sigh*

    maybe I need more than one, too…?! (what a good appology to go shopping for yarn!) ^-^

  5. So beautiful, Kristin. The purled row in the Chevron Scarf is adding a lot to its beauty, it looks so soft and playful this way. Nice colour combination, too.
    As for your last scarf… that one will be super lovely. The subtle lacyness of the Old Shale is adorable and you’ve chosen two yarns that suit the pattern well. This will be a very pretty scarf!
    By the way, I’ll be blogging about my third Chevron Scarf tomorrow, prepared the photos for that scarf earlier today… what a coincidence.

  6. Ack! I love the scarves pictured and I came *this* close to ordering the book and koigu yarn (picture me holding up my pinched finger to illustrate the smidgen of closeness I’m talking about) … then I remembered that I have (gulp) lots and lots of yarn, all sorts of knitting books and patterns… and I’ve got several hand stitching projects going that fill up my tv watching time and need to be finished.

    But boy, your scarves are beautiful and the urge to leap right in with you is SO tempting.

  7. I need to find that pattern. Where can I get it. I am almost done with my latest scarf, started a year ago. It is so boring that I only knit in meetings and I don’t attend many of those.

  8. Kristin, Your scarves are beautiful and make me want to learn to knit! But I keep slapping my hand and saying, “No, No, NO!” LOL. I need knitting like I need a hole in my head – this year I’ve got to stay focused on producing quilts!

  9. I love mine too but it always bunches lengthways, any ideas on how to stop that?

    I made mine for Paula initially but it is way too long for her, so I have to use it – shame! Now both girls want their own too … oops.

    I am considering widening the pattern by adding 8 (or is it 16) stitches.

    Love those books …

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