14 Jan

Sliced Quilt piece: check

After a slow begining, (can’t be helped, I was on vacation ;-)) Start Fresh January is finally underway. Yesterday I finished my section to the Sliced Quilt that was to be finished at the end of 2007. I’m now putting the Sliced Quilt assembly aside for a bit while I finish two other projects with looming deadlines. I’m OK with that since I don’t need to send in any paperwork for Festival of Quilts until about May. (I’m not going to wait THAT long to sew the sections together though.)

My section of the Texies Sliced Quilt

I blocked it yesterday and am very pleased with the results. My initial idea was to use a running stitch (often called Kantha after traditional Bengalese stitching) with black perl cotton for the shadows. Oddly, I had a hard time finding the what I wanted and went with some lovely, thin, Danish thread intended for fine cross stitch. It took a lot of stitches, but looked good. However, as I worked the piece I didn’t like how puffy the non-stitched areas were, so I added stranded embroidery floss that I had on hand in the colored areas. Somewhere along the way, I finally found a perl cotton, but it was much heavier than the other threads I was using. A voice inside told me to just go ahead and throw it on top for the deeper shadows. I’m glad I did because, even though I didn’t use much, it adds a nice dimension and did help the blacks go blacker.
Detail of Kantha-esque stitching

17 thoughts on “Sliced Quilt piece: check

  1. kristin, this is awesome! the added shaddows/depth looks great, but i love how you also stitched the other areas. somehow it looks as if someone used a fancy photoshop-filter on a photograph…

  2. this is absolutely amazing. the shadowing effect is overwhelming as a technique. a whole new dimension here. i love it. wow. i can just imagine how the pieces will all come together on this one.

  3. Stunning work, Kristin! I just LOVE all of the stitching that adds so much texture! I’m considering adding a bit here and there on The Misery Quilt…definitely food for thought.

  4. it really looks great. 3 D!
    if you should need some more floss and can’t find any, we have a shop here called “wollstube gisela”. just let me know.

  5. Oooh — that stitching really does give such nice dimension. Love the way it turned out. As for the kids leaving you alone — um, yeah. That never seems to happen. Thank goodness for “school” (or daycare in my case). A few hours of time out of the day!

  6. WOW! Thanks for the close-up — in the first shot I was trying to figure out what was already part of the fabric and what you added. It’s amazing — beautiful work!

  7. You’ve made it even more of an illustration…..and therefore even more a piece of art. The shadows are good, but the highlights are just too cool. Opa

  8. the stitching is amazing! i really love the shading and highlights created with the thread – i need to think about how to take this idea and use it on costumes as well – not just with paint, but use stitches to create more dimension and depth as well as an aging technique maybe…inspiring

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