08 Jan

Pieces Parts

Painting by Juan Gris

Juan Gris
Pears and Grapes on a Table 1913

Sliced Quilt parts

Interpretation by Texies

First row, from left: Kristin, Cordula, Edith, and Christiane. Second row, from left: Erika, Birgit, Susanne, and Elke. 

Here they are — all the Texies Sliced Quilt project parts. Mine still needs some more stitching since I don’t like how poofy the non-shadow parts look. When I finish my part all I need to do is sew them all together and bind it. We’re thinking about sending it to Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK. The deadline isn’t until May, so I don’t see any problems. As I had hoped, everyone has interpreted their part a bit differently and there’s a nice variety of techniques. One of my favorite parts is how the commercial fabric Erika used for the wood in the lower left corner has a very similar color and feel to Edith’s oil stick version in the lower right corner.

Some of my other favorite bits:

Cordula‘s use of plaid fabric for the woven seat:

Cordula's part

Edith’s shiny green silk:

Edith's part

Christiane‘s hand quilting:

Christiane's part

Erika’s luminous knife and wood” fabric:

Erika's part

Birgit‘s ultra-dimensional cloth:

Birgit's part

Susanne‘s excellent machine quilting:

Susanne's part

Elke’s text:

Elke's Part

9 thoughts on “Pieces Parts

  1. Wow — these are wonderful. I’ve not seen many of these group pictures that I thought really came together well, but it looks like this one is well on its way. The variety is fascinating but it all hangs together well, too.

  2. This looks great! I love these quilts. The individuality of each block yet the continuity in the whole quilt is just amazing. We are working on a series of slice houses round robin style. You can read about it on my blog.

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