25 Dec

Christmas Projects Unveiled

The festivities are over, paper is cleaned up, toys are constructed. It was wonderful, of course. The kids are at the perfect Christmas age. They love the count down, the cookies, the fests at school, and all the presents. It was all dino stuff for Zavi, ponies for Katja, geeky stuff for Art, and a definite art quilt theme for me. For the rest of our friends and family, I made these:

For my dad, and his “Garage Ghastly” decor (as opposed to Shabby Chic). He lives in a teeny house with a ginormous garage.

For my mom and step dad, for their new Craftsman house in Eugene.

For my sister-in-law and her fiance. I love the reindeer fabric for the border; I hope they do too.

For my other sister-in-law who loves blue. Bonus that it coordinates with her Abby quilt.

For my brother-in-law and his wife. As you may see, I did a bunch of these Seminole Table Runners from Atkinson Designs. Such an easy pattern; so much fun to see the variations with different fabrics. I did a bunch of these, for my mother-in-law, and several more friends and neighbors — all in similar Christmassy colors.

For our friends with Scandinavian chic.

For our superfantastic neighbors.

For our other great neighbors, with an orange living room and Ton Schulten prints.

For our friends with an adobe house.

There’s one more I’d like to post, but forgot to photograph. So, sister-dear, could you send me a pic when you get home? 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been working on the last few months, practicing my machine quilting. I love the table runner format: small and practical, easy to finish, and fun to do!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Projects Unveiled

  1. The last four table runners are my faves! Just love them. Gotta make one!! Nice to know there are other Ton Schulten fans out there! Merry Christmas!!

  2. I like the fact that they each seem so well suited for the individuals they were made for. Mine is soooo me and we just love it!

  3. Kristen,

    I love all of them, especially number 2, was that a pattern? These are better than a lot of stuff you see in art galleries…your friends and family are very lucky!

  4. Mary, number 2 is not a pattern. It is inspired by the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, but designed by yours truly. One of the things I really love about that one is the number of fabrics from different places in it. There’s linen my sister dyed and made into a dress which fit neither of us, cotton from a sink skirt my sister-in-law had when she lived in the Netherlands, a floral from a vintage pillow, hand dyed damask I picked up at a quilt show in France, a fabulous batik I love and have since bought in several other color ways, cotton from pioneer art quilter Esther Parkhurst (her hubby is a friend of my dad’s and I am lucky enough to have met her before she passed away), and a scrap from my high school best friend’s mom’s stash. This is one of the things that I love about quilting — these fibers that bind us to our practical and inventive fore-mothers and to each other, like the quilting circles of old.

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