21 Dec

Enjoying the Gifts

It feels a bit self centered to blog, once again, about my “stuff.” I’ve received, however, so many wonderful, generous things lately, and many of them because of this public forum of blogging, that I feel the best way to say thank you, is to do it here.

My table is overflowing! Somewhere in that huge pile are: threads and ribbons from my mom (the slippers are on my feet); a book*, sketchbook, more threads, and fabrics from blog friend Jeannie; an unexpected surprise — kimono fabrics from my art school friend who was cleaning out and organizing her collection; a kit of stuff to make Xmas cards from friend Therese; wonderful little piles of varied fabric bits and pieces from Jude in return for a much smaller pile of indigos I sent her; from a lovely dinner party last night — super-soft red alpaca yarn and knitting needles (do you see those dots on the mitten ends? very Fliegenpilz!) from Kate‘s mom; and a pincushion from another Kristin in return for a PIF postcard I sent her.

Gift Pile

I assure you all your gifts are very much appreciated and will all be well loved and used! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

*About the book: I opened it up and immediately thought of Jude and Tonya R.

Embroidery with fabric strips

On the next page was something I think Natalya would appreciate.

Hungarian-inspired stitchery

Really, I’m not doing this just to add more links. The book just has so much. “Stitch Magic” is a wonderful book with loads of gorgeous inspirational photos, and ideas that appear to be adaptable to a wide range of personal styles and interests. As an aside, I am pleased to have been able to “meet” artists and crafters through blogging that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to interact with (like the above ladies of whom the book reminded me). It enriches me.
Cookie gifts

I wish everyone a cozy end of the year, spent in the comfort of friends and family, enjoying the gifts — large and small, physical and intangible, given with a full heart, that we have to give each other.

12 thoughts on “Enjoying the Gifts

  1. I think I am going to have to get that book for myself….. I am allowed to get myself Xmas presents right?
    it is great to have “met” you too! have a merry and a happy!

  2. Kristin, I have a little something for you, too, ‘though it won’t be there in time for Christmas. Will you send me your address, please? I’ve misplaced the envelope from my postcard….

  3. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and much joy, creativity, and fun in the New Year. Thank you again for sharing your creativity, family, Germany, and the list goes on! I am so glad you like the book. Cheers.

  4. lucky girl! merry christmas! I’ve had that Stitch Magic for years and LOVE it. I think the pictures are incredibly inspirational. The ironic thing is that I wish they’d include a pattern. just one. guide me exactly step by step through a project. I HATE that in quilting, just want the technique, but with this fabulous embroidery I’m much more uncertain. Would love to take a class with the authors someday – they’re incredible.

  5. May that all the days of the Christmas season and the New year be happy for you! Warm wishes of much joy and happiness.
    Happy New Year!

  6. LOOT! lol.. look at all those wonderful things – I am sure we´ll get to see some cool stuff you´ll make with most of them 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and the Gang!

  7. Happy New Year! I am back to let you know that I have given you a “Make My Day” award to thank you for inspiring me… it is not a tag you don’t have to do a thing…
    Thank you!

  8. Dear Kristen and Art:

    You have no idea just how much you enhanced our trip to Germany. Meeting you both personally and enjoying your generous hospitality has only added to my enthusiasm for your talents! It is truly a memory that
    we will hold for a long time.

    It is comforting as parent to know that Kate and Marcus share your friendship and that you have shown such great support for the Bourgeois Pig!

    My Nativity is just gorgeous – Thank-you for everything and please know that we wish for you that all of your dreams come true this New Year!

    Bob and Barbara Breaker xox

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