17 Dec

Bringing Light

13 December was St. Lucia Day. Last year I admired Alicia’s little dolls, so when she offered kits for sale, I grabbed one right away. Sure, I could have made something similar myself, but Alicia had already done all the thinking and put everything together — perfect for someone like me who hates leaving the house, let alone shopping (although I do make exceptions for art supplies). Since my mail from the US takes a rather circuitous route, the kit didn’t arrive until St. Lucia Day itself. Oh well, the advantage of being late to the party is that we could see everyone else’s dolls in the Flickr pool and get even more inspired!

Painting Lucia dolls

My little helper did a great job with the white socks and bases, and the skin color. I outlined the hair which she filled in — making sure that we got the colors right: Lucia HAD to look like our Swedish friend Tina. We made two redheads too, just for fun. I made all the cheeks and we both shared eye and mouth duties. I did the small eye details. She varnished.

She would have loved to dress the girls, but I took advantage of school time quietness to do it myself. Bad mom. I wanted different arms than the kits. I considered adding felt “sleeves,” but once I put on the little wooden bead hands the pipe cleaner arms looked just fine. Lucia still needs a plate of Fimo saffron buns, but that might happen next year.
St. Lucia

Lucia and attendents

6 thoughts on “Bringing Light

  1. st. lucia is one of my favorite holidays around christmas – my brother is usually in Sweden around this time and I always wish I could go 🙂
    your little procession is very cute!!!

  2. Your doll parade is lovely. Sebastian is learning about the story behind the Lucia celebration and has been asking a lot of questions about it. You sure are throwing yourself into the spirit of things with all of your crafts. I love it that you had a photo of you in action. What the heck are we all going to do in January when we don’t have anymore ornaments or decorations to make?

  3. Hope you are getting settled in after your sojourn in the states. It was great to see you.
    You have received a “You Make My Day” award from me. Check my blog for details.

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