13 Jan

2008 Goals

You think you're gonna do what?

My goals are getting smaller and smaller each year, but hopefully they are getting more focused — even if the focus is visible only to me.

After working my butt off in 2006 preparing for my solo show and simultaneously being a single parent, plus entering some shows for exposure, I decided that 2007 would be a year without deadlines. I would work at my own pace and not enter any shows unless I already had appropriate work. Ha! Although I did lots of relatively quick craft projects, artwork (which requires solitude and contemplation: two items in short supply around my house) progressed at a snail’s pace and I did little of the skill-building exercises that I wanted to do. Therefore, my 2008 goal is to find a balance somewhere in between.

I’d like to add to my body of work this year and hopefully show again at Bourgeois Pig. I’d also like to say “yes” to a repeat of last year’s show/sale at Villa Meixner. I’ve identified six art quilt shows or opportunities that I think I either have appropriate work for, or are in line enough with my current work that creating something specifically for that purpose would actually help further my work. I’m happy to report that I sent off my first application already. My hope for January/February was to clean house and finish up some outstanding projects so that I could continue the year focusing on the art. Now that I look at the list and compare it with some of the deadlines I’d like to make, I may have to do some work in a “dirty” house. Oh well, Spring Cleaning has a nice ring to it too.

For 2008, (listed here so I don’t have to keep track of the pieces of paper I wrote it down on) projects I’d like closure on:

  • Finish the Star Quilt
  • Finish the Sliced Quilt Project (woo hoo — this one is well on it’s way)
  • 12 x12 Chocolate Challenge (this is next on the list!)
  • Zavi’s stuffed dragon I promised to make
  • PIF gifts (these will be put off a while, but will be loads of fun when I do get to them)

Then I can move on to some things that have been lingering in the background:

  • The mosaic project that’s been sitting in the basement for about a year
  • Finally painting the two bedroom dressers I’ve wanted to change for two years

Skill builders:

  • More needle doodles when I get a chance
  • Revisit “Color and Composition” exercises
  • Exercises from Jane Dunnewold’s book

I’m not going to write down the new art/projects that I have in my mind (and on another piece of paper) because it seems like that might jinx them. I’ll post them as I progress, of course. Oh, and in order to get even half of this stuff done, I’m going to try to be more judicious with my computer time. If I don’t post as much assume it’s because I found some incredible creative time and I’m in “the zone.” It’s probably not going to happen like that, but it’ll be nice imagining that it does! I also realize that there will be some days when I just have to tell the kids to leave me alone and I’ll be a bad, selfish mom (not that they really do leave me alone, but the barrage of requests is lessened). Like yesterday and today. That’s how I got my Sliced Quilt piece done. Yup, some days it’s just gonna be like that.

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  1. Your list sounds “doable” which was what I aimed for with mine as well. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling the kids to leave you alone either. Everybody, even a kid, needs to learn to self-entertain!

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