11 Dec

How to Make a Snowflake Fairy in 20 Easy Steps

Not being one to say no to my mother, or homemade elk jerky (never had it, but the concept sounds good), I made two more snowflake fairies today, and documented the process so that others can make their own as well.

Mis en Place

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need: a wooden bead for the head (approx 3/4″ in diameter), cloth covered wire for the body and appendages, white felt, optional tulle, seed beads, a silver pipe cleaner for the wings, wool roving for the hair, black, white, red and pink paint for the face, paint brushes, glue, white thread, wire cutters, sharp scissors, and a small needle.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of wire: one 3 1/2″ long, and the other 7″ long.

Step 3: Fold the long piece in half. Using the wire cutters, bend “hands” on each end of the shorter piece. Place it over the folded wire and wrap the folded end all the way around to form the body and neck.

Step 4: Cut two pieces of felt: one 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ and the other 1″ square.

Step 5: Wrap the rectangle piece of felt around the arms and, using a ladder stitch, sew closed.

Step 6: Cut two “armhole” notches in the square felt. Wrap it around the body and sew closed. Make a few stitches over the shoulders to keep it from sliding down.

Step 7: Cut out a paper snowflake with a radius of about 2.”

Step 8: Using the paper snowflake as your template, cut a snowflake skirt out of felt. You could also skip steps 7 and 8 and use a starched crochet snowflake instead.

Step 9: Embellish snowflake as desired.

Step 10: Slip the skirt onto the fairy body feet-first…

Step 11: Sew the skirt to the body with a few small stitches.

Step 12: For the optional underskirt, cut tulle 11″ x 2 1/2.”

Step 13: Gather one long end of the tulle and sew it to the body below the snowflake.

Step 14: Slip beads onto the legs and bend “feet” at the ends.

Step 15: Bend the silver pipe cleaner into wings shape.

Step 16: Sew the wings to the back of the body (best done before you add the head, unlike in the picture).

Step 17: Put a dab of glue on the neck and slip on the head.

Step 18: Wrap the roving around your finger and make into a hairdo. You could use a felting needle to form it into shape if you’d like. Attach to head with glue. Add a few beads or other embellishments as desired.

Step 18a: She should look a lot like this now.

Step 19: Prop your fairy up in a spool of thread or a small cup and paint pink cheeks, a dot for a nose, and black eyes.

Step 20: Paint a red mouth and white highlights in the eyes.

Let dry and she’s done!

19 thoughts on “How to Make a Snowflake Fairy in 20 Easy Steps

  1. Thank you so much. I’ve attempted to write a tutorial before and found it so much harder than it looks! Yours is written beautifully- I can’t wait to have a go at these- they would make delightful Christmas presents for my daughter’s friends.

  2. Thanks! You are a sweetie! We have snow on the ground and the house is a mess, so it seems like the perfect day to make some snow fairies. If I can find the supplies in the chaos! Cheers.

  3. Oooh — these look like such fun to make. Not for this year, but oh man you had better believe I am going to bookmark this for later! Thanks so much. Love the drawstring bags and the card making exercises too. And yep — modern, etc. is great — allowing the kids the freedom to help and create? So much better!

  4. I want to try this, but I will need Mia to help me. These are wonderful. I have some clothespin ornaments and I am wondering if I could adapt this. I think I will try.

  5. Sweet craft, great tutorial! Now I don’t have to “reverse-engineer” from your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. these are very beautiful – oh – and cool 🙂 I wish I had
    a) the time
    b) the supplies
    c) your creativity.. lol
    btw, I think the left one on the last picture looks a bit like Katja.. ha ha.. very cute!!!
    Now wherever did you find gold and silver pipecleaners????

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely fairies with perfect how-to instructions!
    Think I’ll gather the supplies and let my niece help me make some when we visit Christmas Eve day!

  8. What a creative Snowflake Fairy! Thanks for sharing the directions. I can’t wait to make some!

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