14 Dec

More more Henrika

I was going to bake last Sunday, but half way through the first batch of muffins, I realized we were out of eggs and painfully low on flour. I had to wait until TS&WGH got home (after his usual Sunday four hour outing with the kids) before I could continue. OK — plan B: finish off the jumper to go with the purple Henrika dress.

Paisley jumper

She was pretty excited about it until she realized that it didn’t allow the dress to twirl so much anymore.

4 thoughts on “More more Henrika

  1. Yes, the twirling is so important. I loved watching my granddaughters twirl in the dresses I made for the first that were passed down to the next 2. I remember the circle skirts of the 1950’s that twirled so nicely.

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