15 Dec

Herzlichen Dank!!!!!!!!

Newest addition to my Fliegenpilz sewing room

Katrin, ├╝ber generous blog friend, surprised me last week with a Fliegenpilz seam ripper! She said that when she saw it she wanted to get if first because she knew I’d want one. Yup, she’s right. This is a great gift!

Katrin’s note mentioned that hopefully I wouldn’t have to use it often, but when I did, I could rip in style. This reminded me of a story quilt queen Alex Anderson once told on her podcast. She was at an event somewhere, wearing a very nice seam ripper as a pendant. A lady approached Alex and said that she (Alex) was such a good quilter that she probably never needed to use a seam ripper. Alex responded that no, she was such a good quilter because she used a seam ripper.

Over the years I too have learned to love my seam ripper. I don’t usually feel bad ripping out seams — I view it as an opportunity to make my work better. So, not only will I be ripping in style, but I will be ripping often! (In fact, I’ve already used it and the chunky handle is quite comfortable.)
Thanks Katrin. ­čÖé

In addition to such a thoughtful gift from Katrin, I got a few more things too. It’s my birthday today so my family sent wonderful things. I also got an incredible package from blog friend Jeannie. I know I have a “quilt mom” in Gerrie, but I think now I can say I have a very doting “quilt aunt” in Jeannie. Wow! All I can say Jeannie, is WOW! Fabric, book, goodies, wow!
Hand dyed fabric from/by Jeannie

Commenter Heidi sent me a cute little handmade dwarf to go with the snowflake girls too. He’ll be very happy here. Thank you so much Heidi!
Dwarf and chocolate stuff

The dwarf is with my loot from the chocolate museum today. I’ll post about THAT tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Herzlichen Dank!!!!!!!!

  1. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday and that you have a beautiful year! I like your comments about the seam ripper — sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that re-doing something is helping me be a better artist (and sometimes even a better person). The fabric from your friend is amazing — it will be fun to see what becomes of it.

  2. Happy Birthday! I would be honored to be your quilt “aunt”! I hope your day was filled with fun and joy. The seam ripper is wonderful and one can never have too many. A chocolate museum?! Oh, my mouth is watering already. Cheers.

  3. Well, why didn’t your quilt mom know that it was your birthday? She would surely have sent you a birthday present!! You will just have to wait and get it in person.

  4. What wonderful birthday gifts from blog friends! Love that seam ripper — I’m learning to love mine as well, though I still name ever one that comes into my house “Jack”.

  5. herzlichen gl├╝ckwunsch nachtr├Ąglich!! ^-^
    i didn’t even know it’s your birthday in december… bad me, i should have known. anyways, i’m happy you like it!

  6. happy belated birthday to you too… for some reason your last few posts could not be seen on my confuser yesterday… sounds like your birthday was wonderful!

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