10 Dec

Holiday Crafting

Each year I try to make handmade Christmas cards to send to friends and family. It started when I was a graphic designer and had decent access to resources and it just seemed wrong not to. Now, it’s kind of a tradition. I’ve gotten the kids involved in the past, and decided that I should do the same this year.
Look -- it's got eyes and a nose!

So here’s the part where any desire to be elegant, or Martha-esque must be thrown out the window. I enlisted my child labor to randomly stamp three stars and three snowflakes in white or gold on the top half of the cards. Tap on the pad, tap on the card — straight up and down. Riiiiight. I had to fight back the control-freak in me. They did straight lines, “happy faces,” mooshy impressions, half impressions, you name it. We made extra, so I can utilize a bit of quality control, but I think it’s like my life in general — finding the balance between attractive, tidy, well-designed and modern and the reality of kid’s choice, lived-in, utilitarian and last year’s (or older) models. But really, involving the kids (and not stifling their voices) is much more important than having a product that could be published in Blueprint or on Design*Sponge.

In other crafty news, I made these drawstring bags all by myself. They house the last of the Xmas gifts that need to be mailed. I think it’s time now to get serious about the Christmas baking — we’ve eaten almost all of the sugar cookies Katja and I baked last weekend.

Felt and flannel bags

3 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting

  1. I love your bags – very cute. again with the beautiful little reindeer – love them. How can you still have cookies from LAST week? Cookies disappear a LOT faster than that with me around. You’ll have plenty of time to make the cards your way – I think it’s great to do it with the kids now, because they’ll never be this age again.

  2. I usually make my Christmas Cards, but this year I decided to support the arts commission at Trinity and bought cards which feature art by Trinity artists. My Mt. Hood quilt was a sell out as a Christmas card. I love the little bags – so clever.

  3. Oh you are so right! I am totally with you on the “kid’s help” concept. It’s a tough one. I feel this same way about birthday cakes, gingerbread houses, school posters, Halloween costumes, my goodness, the list goes on and on.

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