29 Apr

Knit Night

In contrast to last week’s knitting fail, this scarf may be my all time favorite knit. I’m making a second one right now.


I made this scarf for my mom. She accompanied me to Art Quilt Elements last year, and on the way back I made her hang out at the Maryland Homespun Yarn Party while I worked for my friend “Wolle” selling her color changing yarn. As a reward I told my mom I’d make her whatever she wanted from Wolle’s offerings.


This is what she chose: the pattern is Leftie, by Martina Behm, and it’s knit up in Wolle’s Adobe color way. In the original, the leaves are the part that changes colors, and the background is solid. I much prefer this variation where the background is a gradient yarn and the leaves are solid color accents. I think all Lefties should be knit in Wolle’s yarn.

2 thoughts on “Knit Night

  1. What a cool design! I’m imagining it with leaves AND background in color-/value-changing yarns…… 🙂 One going from dark to light, and the other going from light to dark, in different colorways……….. 🙂

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