22 Apr

Knit Night

Not all my knits turn out well. The really bad ones get “frogged,” and no one is the wiser as the yarn gets a second (or third) chance at becoming something I’ll wear or can be happy gifting to someone else. However, my attempt at Purl Soho’s White Caps Cowl falls somewhere in between. I finished it, and I’ll probably wear it, but I just don’t love it.



I didn’t want to spend the big bucks for the kit, so I looked around for suitable substitution yarns. My mom gave me a lovely shiny yarn and super soft alpaca, but together they lacked the subtle undulation that a thick-thin yarn gives.



I also received this pretty teal yarn from my kids, and while it’s also got the shiny/soft contrast I liked, since both are thick-thin, the cowl again lacked contrast. (My Blue Waves cowl on Ravelry)


White Caps Cowl, variation

I finally made the cowl with the shiny yarn from my mom and the recommended slubby cotton from the original pattern, but the shiny yarn is just too heavy and the whole project hangs limply. It lacks the frothy lightness of Purl’s version. (My White Caps cowl on Ravelry) Sometimes you can substitute yarns and sometimes you just can’t. This was one of those times.