22 Dec

Great Mail Day!

I rarely check my regular mailbox because all I get is german junk mail. Today I did check and looky what I got!

Postcard from Helen

It’s a yummy purpley, shimmery, postcard from Helen. It’s got plenty of little bits to look at, and lovely colors. Thank you Helen!

Then, TS&WGH brought home our mail from the Army Post Office box. There were more goodies!! I received Bundle Study #51, which I purchased from Sonji:

Bundle Study #51

It’s as textural and lovely in person as it is on her web site. maybe even more so. The extra bonus was a suprise Fun Fabric Kit in the package as well. Thank you, thank you Sonji! I will have lots of fun with this! It’s got Sonji-painted fabric, fibers, beads and beach glass. Way cool!

Fun Fabric Kit

3 thoughts on “Great Mail Day!

  1. I’m glad that you liked your package, Kristin. That postcard is fabu. I’m so behind reading everything. Here’s a super belated HB to you! I’m testing my German here…Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Gerburtstag! The spelling is probably off, but I tried.

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