12 Dec

Hanging Out

I had cake and coffee the other day with Kate. Between her work and my kids’ schedules, it’s really hard to find time to get together. We met at the gallery, where she’s been artfully arranging things in their gorgeous windows.

Bourgeois Pig Window Display

I know, shameless plug for Bourgeois Pig, but I love the mood when I go there. Kate and Marcus are refining the type of art they want to represent, the boutique has beautiful things, and they have become a bit of a neighborhood fixture. There’s always friends coming and going and chatting and hanging out, eating and drinking together, listening to music, etc. Speaking of music, Marcus plans to post an interesting musical recommendation on their blog each week. I’m intrigued by his first choice, Tunng, who I had never heard of before. Next week will be live music at the gallery/boutique, which promises to be swinging!

4 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. Hi, Kristin, tried to email Kate on the link on your page and it did’nt work. Anyway tell her hi. She also has the decorating wow. How much longer do you have in Germany ? Just finished making 2 table runners from you Mod pattern. Fun pattern. take care.


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