26 Nov

Jardins Brancos

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Ana Ventura last week.

Ana Ventura at Bourgeois Pig

Yesterday was her opening at Bourgeois Pig — the same gallery in Heidelberg where I had my show last December. I’ll let the gallery and Ana herself share all the details, but I have to say Ana’s work is just as wonderful in person as it looks online. The collages are so whimsical and elegant in their simplicity. I was surprised that the larger, monochromatic pieces on linen canvas were not cut from one piece of paper. After a little consideration, I decided I liked them better that way. If they were cut from one piece of paper, then the creativity and design would most likely have taken place on a separate piece of paper used as a template. The way they are though, it is evident that the creative work happened right there on the canvas, with bits being added, removed, or adjusted until Ana was satisfied.

It was also nice to meet someone in person whom I knew only through occasionally reading her blog. Ana is just as sweet and friendly as I imagined she would be. We talked about blogging and her recent collaboration with jewelry designer and blogger Abigail Percy. The brooch they made together is beautifully made, and I can’t wait to see the earrings that are coming (Ana showed me their inspiration and I like them even better than the brooch). All hail the wonderful world of blogging!!

And, speaking of blogging, please note that the gallery now has a blog too. It’s still in it’s nascent stages, but they hope to share information about upcoming shows, their boutique items, and a bit of behind the scenes fun. An online shop is in the works, but for now, go ahead and email Kate and Marcus if you’re interested in anything they show on the blog. By the way, I bought an adorable nativity mobile illustrated by Ana — they still have more, plus cheerful bookmarks, some postcards, and of course, the artwork in the gallery.

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