24 Nov

Two Steps Forward

It’s been a while since I posted progress on the Sliced Quilt project I’ve been doing with the German online group, Texies. At first I suggested we take two months to do it, but everyone else said, “no, we need more time.” Guess who needed no less than three months just to get around to starting? Yup, I guess I have no concept about what I’ve got on my plate.

Anyways, my part started with simple patchwork and a bit of appliqué, and now I’m stitching the shadows and modeling as my evening hand-work project (the Lone Star is my daytime machine project).

Sliced Quilt WIP -- my part

A few days ago, Erika sent me her finished section. Wow, it’s completely different from mine. That’s the great part about this project. Now I’m very excited to see everyone else’s sections. I can’t wait to see all the variety!

Sliced Quilt WIP --Erika's part

She used a combination of piecing, appliqué, machine needle-felting, and a bit of melted organza. Every black is a little different. I love the “wood” fabric, which doesn’t look like wood at all, and yet it’s says “I’m the wooden part” without a doubt.

Out of sheer serendipity, our two pieces go next to each other. Here’s a taste of what the quilt will look like when all the parts are sewn together. My shadows on the bottom will eventually line up as nicely with hers as the tiles do.

Sliced Quilt WIP

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  1. Oh wow — and I think I recognize the fabric she used for the “wood” — I honestly never thought of using it that way — hmmnn, I may still have some of it left…

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