20 Nov

Thanks and Classes

Wow, that was close. I wrote a long rant last night regarding unwelcome bulk emails of a proselytising nature. I decided the writing was cathartic enough and will spare you all the gory details.

What you probably DO want to hear about is that I recently received two wonderful packages from blogless readers Janny and Bonnie. Bonnie sent yummy plummy-colored fabric she dyed herself and Janny sent this postcard based on my Mod Log Cabin table runner pattern:

Mod Log Postcard

Thank you both! And thanks to the internet allowing us to share our talents with each other.

Speaking of sharing and Mod Log Cabins, if you are in the Heidelberg area and want to make a table runner in a class atmosphere (it’s amazing how much more we accomplish in a class than at home with distractions), I am teaching on post on Saturday, 19 January at 10:00.

I’m also teaching a Snowman Wall Hanging class (though it is long and skinny and would also make a good winter table runner). I am an idiot and haven’t taken a picture of the snowman, but he is a series of VERY wonky log cabins and is paper-pieced. Grab your wintery colored scraps and join us on Sunday, 16 December at 13:00!

Fabric Collage

Last weekend I taught my Fabric Collage class for members of the Heidelberg Hearts & Castles Quilt Guild. Fabric was flying! We had lots of fun and good camaraderie as always. It’s a great feeling as a teacher when a student comes in timid and walks out beaming with a bold artwork she has created herself. We had a lot of that. I do feel bad for the one student who’s work stumped the both of us. Her fabrics were wonderful and her inspiration appropriate, so I’m not sure why we had such a hard time coaxing the composition to completion. Definitely something for me to work on as a teacher. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on day one and the batteries ran out early on day two, so I don’t have much to show. Believe me, it was a wonderfully varied and colorful collection!

6 thoughts on “Thanks and Classes

  1. damn.
    the 16th is a bad date.
    but the whole december is filled up with appointments and dates, so any other date would be just as bad.
    i hope you’ll post a picture of your snowman so at least i will have some eye-candy! 😉

  2. Oooh– bulk prostletyzing emails. It’s even more fun when they’re from family — like the ones I get usually are. Frankly, I’d love to hear the rant (though I do understand about writing it being enough).

    I want to see pictures of the snowmen! (I also want to go to Germany to take the classes, but I don’t think that’s in the cards).

  3. Hi Kristin!
    Got your postcard in the mail on Saturday! THANK YOU! I have posted about it today. Do you ever travel to teach classes? Maybe I could set you up to teach one in Norway! I would sure like take one of your classes.

  4. Sorry, I can’t make it to Heidelberg for your class in January. I am planning on trying one on my own for the holidays. I do not have a problem with bulk e-mail, but on the SDA site, I have a horrbile problem with bulk robotic entries on all of our forms. Hate it!!

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