18 Feb

Knit Night

I had some technical difficulties knitting this Bubbles and Baubles shawl by Tori Gurbisz. No fault of the pattern designer — I was just twisting my stitches but didn’t realize it because I’m not quite there yet in my “reading” of my knitting. I’m better now and I may even knit this pattern again a la the Reversible Circles of Lace scarf.

Bubbles and Baubles Shawl


In the mean-time, I still like the shawl and wear it often — particularly with my favorite “I’m an Artist” tunic. As with my other cotton shawls, I seem to do better wearing them like scarves. Also, like so many of my knits, this is Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn. Not scratchy. Love it!

Bubbles and Baubles scarf