21 Feb


Travel Europe in QNM

So I guess the publishers are beating down my door after all. My paper-pieced quilt, Travel Europe is featured in the “Quilting Bee” section of the April 2008 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. I began designing this quilt what seems eons ago, and in 2005 I decided it might be a nice project for other military families like ours, who would like a souvenir of their travels. I completed the quilt and had patterns for each block professionally printed (email me if you’d like one, or the whole set). It’s been a reasonably popular block of the month class at the Arts and Crafts shop on post here as well.

I sent the photo to QNM two or three years ago and in the meantime, my quilting direction has changed dramaticly. This quilt no longer reflects my focus nor the direction in which I am currently working. It’s still nice to have it recognized though.


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  1. How strange that QNM decided to use your contribution so long after it was sent in. Nevertheless the publication will be an interesting addition to the record of your creative development.

  2. step by step. it is strange for it to be published after so long, but i guess they just stash things till it seems right for them….a bit inconsiderate for the artist…

  3. your direction and focus might have changed, but still this is a part of you, your life and your work. it represents one step on a stairway, and it is lovely in its way (though you’re right… dramatically different from what you do now…)
    but it’s wonderful that it’s appreciated and shown… this way many people will find their way to you and see your new work and see where you are now and maybe they will try to go on as well…
    no matter with which quilt – it’s generally great that you’re in this magazine!


  4. Congratulations and well done on getting your work published.
    No matter how late it was, it’s still a nice surprise!
    I was at a talk last week by Olga Prins Lukowski and she was saying how it’s important for quilt artists to continually evolve, change their style and produce new work.
    So even though you work in a different style now, it’s all still part of the learning process and it is nice to see how people’s work can change over time.

  5. Kirstin congratulations, I think some mags save things so they connect with other articles in that issue and lots seem to have a very long lead time,

  6. Since this is not a pattern that fits into the trendy or fashion, but rather a classic – it fits the profile of something the mag wanted – and they picked the time it suited them

    So? It is still wonderful!

  7. It’s a good feeling when other people perceive your quilt message in the same way that you think of it. The resonance is perfect!!
    In this case it still has this power after 3 years… Congratulation!

  8. I love the idea, being from a military background as well, but I do see that once you’ve moved on, you’ve moved on! Congrats on the pub. I don’t even get this magazine anymore, but I’ll look for this issue. Your work is very inspirational.

  9. Hallo Kristin,

    ich habe heute den “make my day Award” erhalten, den ich gerne an dich weitergeben möchte. Ich besuche deine Seite sehr gerne und hole mir immer wieder neue Ideen.

    Liebe Grüße,

  10. wow, what a surprise after so long. The nice thing about you changing your style, is that we can see that you have grown as an artist. Much better than always staying the same, I think.

  11. That picture is not very clear. I did not see that magazine yet in my store.
    I think I see a block for Berlin. The one with the 5 houses, is it from Frankfurt/M ?

  12. Well — another magazine I’ll have to pick up and add to the collection (the whole — gee, I know this person thing!) Congrats. I’d love to say that the lag time is unusual, but, well, in publishing it’s not really. If you want completely slow — try academic publishing. I was working on some articles that had been hanging around for more than two years. They’d been approved, just hadn’t gotten around to getting published. Eeeeek! At least you didn’t have someone like me hounding you for revisions two years after you’d written the thing :0).

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