11 Nov


What does it look like when four quilters pack one car for a weekend retreat?

Actually, not quite: we still had a few jackets and another bag to load.  We took this picture so we could re-load the trunk for the drive back. It was like Tetris. And the trunk lid DID close!

Nine of us in total went to the mountains for a weekend of quilting, quilting, and more quilting. Oh, and good eating too.

We stayed at Hotel Benz, owned by friends of one of the ladies in our group. They gave us the better part of their dining room to work in. There was a pool, and three meals a day, plus coffee and cake, of course. We had perfect weather too — sleet, a little snow, rain and lots of wind. Who’d be tempted to go out in that? We stayed snuggled and warm inside and were very productive. Oh, and we laughed a lot too!

In all, three quilt tops were nearly completed, three made great progress, two need only binding, four were basted, and several new projects were begun.

My weekend’s work was to get a start on my Guild challenge quilt. The challenge is to use a particular fabric (a subtle navy blue print) in our own interpretation of traditional. I figured this was a good opportunity to finally make a bed quilt for TS&WGH and I. I decided on a stringy, strippy Lone Star with the challenge fabric as the background. I took all my blue and beige-to-brown scraps (the basket in this post) and this is what I had when I stuck my weekend’s work on the wall when I got home. I need to make some more lighter diamonds and then I’ll start sewing these together. I think I could use another weekend in Schollbrunn.

12 thoughts on “Schollbrunn

  1. Hmmmm…. When my eye took in the quilt top and the bargello top of the stool (which I remember), I saw them as the same design. I know they are not the same, but aren’t there similarities?

  2. I went on my first retreat last spring, I had a blast! What a great get away for you. I find that I only need 48 hours to feel completely re-invigorated, anymore and I just miss the kids too much. LOVE the quilt. A traditional design yet the fabrics have your name all over them. Our bed still needs a quilt too, I just can’t make up my mind.

  3. Kristin, it’s goooorgeous. really beautiful. wow. very envious of your retreat – sounds wonderful. can’t remember if I commented earlier – glad your sweetie is home safe and sound.

    I’ve misplaced your email address. d’oh. Yes, 5th season of Bab5 DID suck. The show creator thought they were going to be cancelled, so he crammed everything into the 4th season. which was actually very sweet of him and if the show had been cancelled as planned, it would have done a great job of tieing up some of the story line. Still tho, don’t you have questions about what happens next? What about Bester and the PsiCorps? J’kar and whatever. I really need to rewatch those shows – it’s been a long time. glad to find someone who watches some of the same shows I do!

  4. oh how I would looove to go on one of these retreats… and maybe one day I too will make a quilt for my husband and I (hope he’s not holding his breath). Your top looks lovely, great job!

  5. that si gorgeous – i have to admit that my favourite picture is of the sewing machines packed into the trunk of the car 🙂 My next show requires me to learn to quilt…i wish i had one of your classes. Do you recommend any books or magazines to help the quilting impaired?

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